Christopher Connelly

I'm a statehouse reporter for WYPR, Baltimore's public radio station. I spend my life in my car driving around the state to do features about elections and lobbyists and the ways that government touches people's lives.

Before coming to Baltimore, I was a Kroc Fellow at NPR in Washington. I worked on web, reported on air, and produced for All Things Considered -- both the weekend and weekday programs. My reporting has appeared on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, The New York Times (video), The Bay Citizen, California Watch, Huffington Post, The California Report and KALW's Crosscurrents.

Originally from Ohio, I've lived in seven states and ten cities over the years -- East Coast, Midwest, West Coast and Southwest. I'm a public radio obsessive always interested in doing more and better.


University of California, Berkeley
August 2010 - May 2012
Video and multimedia concentration
Antioch College
August 2002 - June 2007
Studied feminist theory and cultural studies. Dropped out for a year to expatriate to Germany. It didn't take. Finished degree after.

Published Stories:

Life after addiction in Zanzibar
The island nation of Zanzibar has developed over the last 20 years into a transit hub for heroin trafficking. With the drug trade, an epidemic of heroin addiction has hit the island, but effective treatment programs have been hard to set up and run. Christopher Connelly, '12, went to Zanzibar to report on how the first successful treatment programs -- in the form of residential sober houses -- are enabling addicts, many new to recovery, to show their communities that there is life after addiction.
San Francisco celebrates the year of the dragon (video)
Washington Post
With Chinese-American Ed Lee as mayor, the year of the dragon marks a new era for San Francisco.
Santa Barbara County is writing its own rules on fracking (radio)
KALW's Crosscurrents
Fracking has touched off something of an energy boom in this country. But it’s controversial. The energy industry says it's safe, but environments say we just don't know that much about its long-term effects. Either way, it's happening right now in California. Christopher Connelly ('12) reports about the different approaches to legislating the practice in Sacramento and Santa Barbara.
America's war on drugs: 40 years, a trillion dollars, and debatable results (radio)
Crosscurrents on KALW
Christopher Connelly, '12, produced a whole show for KALW's Crosscurrents looking back at 40 years of America's War on Drugs.
Who needs a guitar to be a rock star? (radio)
Crosscurrents on KALW
When it comes to making it big at anything, you’ve got to do some hard work. Behind every rock star, there are thousands of hours of practice, touring and rocking out. Of course, to rock out, you don’t actually need to know how to play an instrument – at least not at the San Francisco Regional Air Guitar Championships. There, rock gods are judged on their stage presence, technical merit, and something called “airness.”
If you can hear this, you might be in trouble (radio)
Crosscurrents on KALW
Christopher Connelly, '12, takes on the murky science of cell phone radiation and possible links with cancer.
Fishing town struggling in aftermath of tsunami (video)
California Watch
Christopher Connelly ('12) produced a video report with Hunter Holcombe ('12) about Crescent City's continuing struggle to recover from the damage wrought by a tsunami that was touched off by the Honshu earthquake. The story was also picked up by the Huffington Post.
Thirty years after first AIDS diagnosis, screening for HIV is easier than ever (Text)
Richmond Confidential
Christopher Connelly, class of '12, writes about how rapid HIV testing changed the game for HIV service providers.
Workshop teaches advocates to lobby for an end to the death penalty (Text)
Richmond Confidential
Christopher Connelly, class of 2012, writes about a recent study that takes aim at California's death penalty.
Richmond organizations whip up bicycle fever with two-day event (Photo)
Richmond Confidential
Photos of Richmond's first first annual bike fiesta.
TED event brings hundreds to the Craneway Pavillion (Text and Photos)
Richmond Confidential
Christopher Connelly, class of 2012, writes about big ideas at a local TED conference about education and compassion.
Richmond plans for a healthier future (Text)
Richmond Confidential
Christopher Connelly, class of 2012, writes about Richmond's plan to build a healthier future with a novel addition to the city's general plan.
Richmond city budget shows tough times not over (Text)
Richmond Confidential
Christopher Connelly, class of 2012, reports on the city's budget process.
Scouts honor fallen vets on Memorial Day (Audio slideshow)
Richmond Confidential
Christopher Connelly, class of 2012, produced a small audio slideshow about local Boy Scouts' efforts to honor fallen service members.
California organic farmers worried about approval of GMO alfalfa (Video)
CNS News
Local organic dairy farmer Albert Strauss is worried that a recent decision to allow genetically-modified alfalfa in California could damage his livelihood. But Yolo County alfalfa farmer and county supervisor Duane Chamberlain says the concern is overblown, and that the new GMO crop will actually cut pesticide use among alfalfa farmers. Christopher Connelly, class of 2012, shot this video.
Council ditches casino plan (Text)
Richmond Confidential
Christopher Connelly, class of 2012, reports that after years of controversy, Richmond’s City Council decided to nix plans for a casino at Point Molate.
Efforts to save Iron Triangle church end in arrests (Text)
Richmond Confidential
Two days of civil disobedience to save the Bible Way Apostolic Church from foreclosure ended yesterday when Contra Costa sheriff’s deputies arrested Pastor Sydney Keys, his wife, mother and two other activists. Christopher Connelly, class of 2012, wrote the story for Richmond Confidential.
March 11th CNS News (Video)
Each spring, UC Berkeley's TV/Documentary students produce a series of television news shows to showcase their stories, which air on UCTV. This is the program that Christopher Connelly, class of 2012, co-produced.
Mac-and-cheese joint opens in time for winter’s late arrival (Audio slideshow)
Oakland North
Homeroom, Oakland’s newest restaurant, specializes in everyone’s favorite comfort food: macaroni and cheese. After a scrape with McDonalds, and a couple years of planning, building and recipe-testing, Allison Arevalo and Erin Wade opened the doors to cheesy goodness. Christopher Connelly, class of 2012, produced an audio slideshow of opening day.
Mayor’s green dream not yet reality (Text)
Richmond Confidential
Christopher Connelly, class of 2012, writes for Richmond Confidential about Richmond's move to become a hub of green technology in the Bay Area.
Coming to a bed near you (Text)
Richmond Confidential
Christopher Connelly, class of 2012, writes for Richmond Confidential about the looming threat of bedbugs in Contra Costa County.
In-home help threatened with budget cuts (Text)
Richmond Confidential
Christopher Connelly, class of 2012, writes for Richmond Confidential about cuts to In-Home Supportive Services, a program that helps low-income people with disabilities live independently.
Progressives prevail on council (Text)
Richmond Confidential
Christopher Connelly, class of 2012, writes for Richmond Confidential about the high drama and outcomes of Richmond's 2010 council race.
Lopez’s well-funded re-election bid focused on jobs, education (Text)
Richmond Confidential
A short profile of a Richmond, CA City Council candidate.
St. Patrick-St. Vincent Bruins rout Kennedy Eagles (Photo Slideshow)
Richmond Confidential
Local football coverage.
Richmond residents celebrate Rosie (Video)
Richmond Confidential
Hundreds donned costumes and danced to celebrate the work of American women during WWII.
Trashing the trash (Text and Photo Slideshow)
Richmond Confidential
Thirteen hundred volunteers pitched in around Contra Costa County Saturday to collect more than 3,700 pounds of garbage.
Murder rate on the decline (Text and Map)
Richmond Confidential
There have been 15 homicides so far in 2010, down from 41 at this point last year.
Training Solar Electricians (Audio)
The California Report
Local union trains electricians to install solar panels.


2012 Society for Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award for Television Feature Reporting (Region 11) (March 2012)
2012 Society for Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award for Radio Feature Reporting (Region 11) (March 2012)
2012 Society for Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award for In-Depth Radio Reporting (Region 11) (March 2012)

Work Experience:

Reporting Fellow
KALW  - San Francisco CA  ( May 2011 - August 2011 )
Writing and producing feature radio stories for KALW's daily news program Crosscurrents.
Staff Reporter
Richmond Confidential  - Richmond CA  ( August 2010 - August 2011 )
Wrote and produced multimedia stories for Richmond Confidential, a hyper-local news site serving Richmond, Calif. Covered health and environment, economy and a variety of general assignment stories.
KUSP | Central Coast Public Radio  - Santa Cruz CA  ( October 2008 - August 2010 )
Produced stories for KUSP News and health stories for a grant from Health Dialogues. Hosted Weekend Edition weekly, and other programs throughout the week.
Door-to-Door Coordinator
StoryCorps  - Brooklyn NY  ( January 2008 - June 2008 )
• Started as an intern, was hired on for temporary Coordinator position • Fostered and maintained partnerships with organizations to record the stories of their constituents and members • Helped arrange travel logistics for StoryCorps facilitators working on Fee for Service partnerships • Maintained database, responded to inquiries from and executed informational conference calls with partners
Producer & Office Assistant
WYSO 91.3 FM  - Yellow Springs OH  ( January 2005 - June 2007 )
• Production and development on local talk show In Conversation with Valarie Edwards • Developed show ideas, researched show issues, generated questions for host, lined up guests • Prepared show scripts, and scripted and edited promos • Clerical and administrative functions for the station, including Pledge Drive organizing and mailings