Caroline Bins

Caroline has lived in war torn Uganda, Al Bashir's Sudan and in Poland shortly after the Wall fell. She was however too young to report about it. It did leave her with a chronic case of wanderlust.d

Her first serious encounter with journalism was during an internship in Washington, DC with Dutch Public Television. Initially dazzled by all the glitter American political elections had to offer, she realized the most interesting stories happened away from spin doctors and politicians.

Moving back to the Netherlands, she set out on an unorthodox path in journalism; helping to think up multimedia projects for a history channel, making documentaries for radio and ultimately working for vjmovement a network of international video journalists and political cartoonists.


August 2010 - May 2012
Leiden University
September 1998 - May 2004

Published Stories:

‘HAITI’S SCAPEGOATS’ (video/animation)
Washington Post
For Journalist Caroline Dijckmeester-Bins collaborated with and Chevelin Pierre to create a video which incorporates slightly animated illustrations of the people they spoke to, to paint a picture of gays and lesbians who were impacted by the earthquake.
For Russian Performers, Trapeze Skills May Be Ticket to Landing U.S. Residency
PBS Newshour
An obscure piece of immigration law targets uniquely talented individuals who want to live in the United States. University of California, Berkeley students Lauren Rosenfeld and Caroline Bins explore how it could help some Russian performers in Las Vegas gain permanent residency thanks to their rope and trapeze talents.
A Raid to Remember (PRINT)
Mission Loc@l
At the end of January 2011, the Secret Service busted illegal ID card vendors on Mission Street. An anatomy of the raid that ensued.
The San Francisco Mime Troupe Commemorates Actress Sandy Archer (1938-2010) (VIDEO)
Mission Loc@l
Peter Coyote and other member's of San Francisco's notorious Mime Troupe paid tribute to legendary actress Sandy Archer.
Giants Trophy a ‘Rock Star’ on Tour (VIDEO)
Mission Loc@l
Ever since the start of the Giants' World Champions Trophy Tour in January, the trophy has had fans lined up where ever it goes.
San Francisco’s Ties to the Mines that Wired America
Mission Loc@l
Caroline Bins reports for and interviews Edwin Dobb the co-writer and co -producer of “Butte, America: The Saga of a Hard Rock Mining Town” making its San Francisco debut at the Victoria Theatre.(print)
Day of the Dead Was Not Always a San Francisco Celebration
Mission Loc@l
Caroline Bins reports for on the history of San Francisco's Day of the Dead altars. Not everyone embraced the first altars immediately, and not all of the artists knew how to make one
Frank Drops 140 Pounds, and Still Life’s Not Perfect
Mission Loc@l
Caroline Bins reports for on the popular trend of personal documentaries at the annual SF DocFest. (print)
Adolescents Play With Identity for a Stage Set
Mission Loc@l
Caroline Bins reports for on middle schoolers grappling with their identity through art. (print)
Radio documentary aired on Dutch Public Radio in which Aida Grovestins and I follow three people and their obstacles as they set out to follow their passion in their work .
Litquake Celebrates the Word as Authors Face Uncertain eWorld
Mission Loc@l
Caroline Bins reports for on the woes in the publishing industry. On the up side: More publishing venues. On the down side: Few pay (print)
ODC Dancers Spin Through Light and Space on 17th Street VIDEO)
Mission Loc@l
Caroline Bins reports for on the the Opening of Oberland Dance Company's opening of it's new Theater. (video)
Documentary “The Wall” Wins Award at San Francisco Latino Film Festival (VIDEO)
Mission Loc@l
Caroline Bins reports on the making of the award winning documentary “The Wall.” (video)
China, Hardly Copenhagen's Eco-Villain
VJ Movement
Caroline Bins and Luisa Lopez report for the VJmovement ahead of the COpenhagen conference, and speak to Chinese experts and the secretary general of the Club of Rome about China's role at Copenhagen. (video)


A Raid to Remember (PRINT)

At the end of January 2011, the Secret Service busted illegal ID card vendors on Mission Street. An anatomy of the raid that ensued.



P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship Award (July 2011)
Fulbright Fellowship (June 2010)

Work Experience:

Producer and researcher at the Kitchen Sisters.
The Kitchen Sisters  - San Francisco CA  ( May 2011 - August 2011 )
Producer and researcher for the Kitchen Sisters, the Peabody award winning documentary makers.
VJmovement  - The Hague None  ( July 2009 -  )
Africa editor at, an on-line international news platform of video journalism and political cartoons.
Dutch Public Radio  - Amsterdam None  ( February 2009 - October 2010 )
Projects include 2 Radio Documentaries: Broadcasted on Dutch Public radio: "Funemployment" What does it mean to follow your dreams? (September 2010) A radio documentary in which three people are followed, their trials and tribulations as they follow their passion in their work Master Painter, Wassily Khoudiakov (May 2009) the story of a young Russian restaurateur of Old Masters who takes a leap of faith to create his own art.
Radio producer for Network Europe
Radio Netherlands World Wide  - Hilversum None  ( May 2008 - July 2009 )
I was responsible for writings radio scripts, conducting interviews and editing packages for a daily radio show.
Junior producer
TV2 Norway and Danish TV  - Washington, D.C None  ( May 2004 - July 2004 )
Responsible for researching and producing items including the '04 Democratic Convention in Boston.
Junior producer
NOS DUtch Public Television  - Washington, D.C None  ( January 2004 - April 2004 )
Intern. Junior producer responsible for researching and producing items on gay marriage, the presidential candidate John Kerry and electronic voting machines.
Researcher/producer for VPRO's Dutch digital history media platform,
VPRO  - Hilversum None  ( January 2004 - March 2008 )
Researcher/producer responsible for helping set up the first Dutch history channel, producing and directing historical videos for both TV and the Web, setting up, coordinating multi-media projects.


  • Multimedia skills: Proficient with Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop and Soundslides, Wordpress, Dalet, Microsoft Office.

    Fluent in English, Dutch, French and Spanish. Strong oral German skills.

  • Final Cut Pro 7, Video, DSLR, MSWORDS, After effects.

Other Works:

Producing and research for the Kitchen Sisters, the Peabody award winning documentary makers.   Read more...