Alissa Figueroa

Alissa Figueroa is a video, print and radio reporter. She reports on immigration, economics, poverty, education and subcultures she finds interesting. Her work has appeared on the PBS NewsHour, The Christian Science Monitor, Free Speech Radio News, the East Bay Express and other outlets.


University of California, Berkeley
September 2009 - May 2011
Longform television emphasis
Amherst College
September 2002 - May 2006
BA in History with a concentration in Latin America

Published Stories:

In Calif. Town, Prison May Fix One Employment Problem, But Create Another
PBS NewsHour
Alissa Figueroa, class of 2011, takes a look at how illegal immigration, agriculture and the prison industrial complex intersect in this video feature aired on the PBS NewsHour.
Is Homelessness a Choice?
Alissa Figueroa, class of 2011, explores how people become homeless, and how hard it is to get off the streets.
Who hired Arturo Santos? You did.
The Christian Science Monitor
I took a look at the only stimulus-funded program that directly hired workers through subsidies in the public and private sector. It's the kind of program economists love to hate, but for many, it was the only jobs lifeline they had.
Will state budgets blunt the recovery?
The Christian Science Monitor
Alissa Figueroa, class of 2011, writes in the Christian Science Monitor about the impact that lay offs and program cuts from state governments could have on the recovery.
The Madonnas of Echo Park
The Christian Science Monitor
Alissa Figueroa, class of 2011, reviews Brando Skyhorse's book, "The Madonnas of Echo Park" for
Foreclosure crisis phase 2: The negative equity dilemma
The Christian Science Monitor
Alissa Figueroa, class of 2011, writes about the latest victims of the foreclosure crisis: middle and upper-middle class families, and what banks aren't doing to stem the tide of foreclosures in these communities.
Women in rural India take larger role in agriculture
Free Speech Radio News
Women are now India's primary farmers, yet hardly any own the land they cultivate. Alissa Figueroa, class of 2011, travels through northern India to report on their struggle for land rights for Free Speech Radio News.
Chinatown Cheap Eats
The East Bay Express
Alissa Figueroa, class of 2011, takes viewers and readers behind the scenes of Oakland's Chinatown for the East Bay Express, to see what makes the neighborhood market's fresh produce so darn cheap!
Inside the world of Zen Marksmanship
The East Bay Express
Alissa Figueroa, class of 2011, takes viewers inside the world of Zen Marksmanship, where a bullet is used to trigger a state of zen consciousness, and learns something new about herself in the process.
The Waste Land
Mission Loc@l
Alissa Figueroa, class of 2011, chronicles a day in the life of the Mission District's biggest recycling center.
Cuts Push Families to Edge
Mission Loc@l
Families struggle to live off diminishing grants from the state’s welfare to work program.


Fulbright Grant (May 2011)
Awarded for the Dominican Republic for the 2011-12 year. Did not accept grant.
Edwin Bayley Prize for Excellence in Government or Political Reporting (April 2011)
Awarded by the UC-Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism for "Mendota Gets a Prison," a longform television piece.
First Place, Best Feature Story, 2009  (April 2010)
Awarded by the New York Press Association 2009 Better Newspaper Contest for the front page feature "Day Laborers Weigh Options in Down Economy," published on January 30, 2009 in The Westmore News.
Graduate Opportunity Fellowship, UC-Berkeley (September 2009)
Fellowship granted by the Graduate School of Journalism covered full tuition and fees and provided a living stipend for the first year of study.
Patron in Education Award (June 2009)
Awarded by the Port Chester-Rye Unified School District Board of Education for excellence in education reporting.

Work Experience:

Economics Reporting Intern
Christian Science Monitor  - Boston MA  ( May 2010 - August 2010 )
Wrote daily web stories, blog posts and longer magazine stories about national economics and business issues for the Business desk of the Christian Science Monitor.
The Westmore News  - Port Chester NY  ( November 2008 - July 2009 )
Sole full-time reporter for a community weekly in a primarily Latino area. Reported and wrote 5 to 7 stories per week covering primarily education, but also local government, culture and immigration issues. Successfuly reported on assignment and pitched enterprize features. Took photographs to accompany stories.
Reporting Intern
Connection Newspapers  - Alexandria VA  ( September 2008 - November 2008 )
Wrote 2 to 3 feature news stories for a community weekly in suburban Washington, D.C. Covered culture and arts and local news.
Reporting and Production Intern
WPFW Pacifica Public Radio  - Washington DC  ( May 2008 - August 2008 )
Reported and produced spot and feature-length radio news pieces for a public radio audience. Wrote and read hourly headlines on air daily. Reported on local government and social issues.
Housing Advocate
Common Ground Community  - New York NY  ( December 2006 - May 2008 )
Worked as part of a homeless outreach team in New York City, helping enlist street homeless clients and then assisting them in finding permanent housing. Helped chronically homeless clients obtain identification, income, benefits and housing.


  • Proficient with professional digital audio and video recording equipment (both SD and HD) as well as Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Adobe Audition and Photoshop editing software.

    Fluent in spoken and written Spanish and conversational in Portuguese.

Other Works: