Joan Bieder

Associate Dean Sr. Lecturer


Joan Bieder has made three trips to Israel and the most recent one, this summer, took her to Ramallah and Hebron in the Palestinian territories. The people she met and the places she saw convinced her to develop a seminar on how journalists and others portray the region, its people and its problems. Bieder worked for a decade as a television news producer at ABC News in NYC. Before coming to Berkeley, she taught print and broadcast journalism at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Between 1993 and 2005, she spent several summers working as a television news consultant in Singapore while doing research on a minority community. Her book, The Jews of Singapore, (2007) traces the community’s journey from its ancient Baghdadi roots to the present. She has also produced a series of videos on broadcast journalism, a film on female journalists in Asia and a video on the history of the Jews of Singapore.

Published Articles: