Together We Can Transform Journalism

photo of Dean Geeta AnandDear friends,

The spread of authoritarianism and rising threats of war. Levels of inequality not seen in generations. Justice and democracy at risk. A climate crisis that demands attention.

Today, the dangers we’re facing — and the need for courageous journalism — are clearer than ever. A vest with the word “PRESS” on it is no protection in a world where the rules respecting journalists have weakened. The need is urgent.

Turmoil in the business of media and the weaponized manipulation of the truth threaten our shared understanding of the world, and with that our ability to work together to determine our common future.

This is why journalism’s assignment — to put feet on the ground, to run towards trouble when others run away, to sift through the distortions and lies, to seek the most accurate approximation of the facts — is so important.


As journalists and educators, it is our job to bring the stories of our time into sharp focus, to train the next generation of inspiring journalism leaders, and to offer people the tools that enable them to act with thoughtfulness and integrity. And while we cannot shy away from the problems of the world, we must also tell the stories of hope, innovation and compassion — the stories that inspire and also those that offer people the information they need to craft solutions to our many problems.

This is why Berkeley Journalism is ready to do more. It’s why we are launching the Campaign for Berkeley Journalism.

Please join me in supporting Berkeley Journalism. Together we can transform journalism and bring the future into focus.

Geeta Anand

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Dean, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

A comprehensive campaign to raise $54.4 million over five years.

The campaign is for everyone who cares about Berkeley Journalism. Please consider making a generous multi-year pledge of support to the Campaign for Berkeley Journalism.