Annual Journalism Showcase


Documentary, Photography, New Media, and Video Storytelling | BAMPFA  

Noon -2:00pm 

Class in Color Isara Krieger | Documentary 

In the Reign of Kings | Brittany Hosea-Small | Photography 

Downriver | Luisa Conlon | Documentary 

Cortez | Jennifer Glenfield | Video Reporting and Storytelling 

The Line | Kyle Merrit Ludowitz | Photography 

"...But Did You Follow Up?" The Palo Alto Suicide Clusters and Media Accountability | Agatha Kereere | Video 

Project Alexandria MONDO OBAMA | Gabriel Allan Tolliver | New Media 

(BREAK 2:00-2:30pm)


The Faces Behind the Repeal | Trinity Joseph | Video Reporting and Storytelling

Journey to Heaven Nailah Morgan | Documentary

Condition Blue | Leslie Cory | New Media 

Water Town | Maya Craig | Documentary 

Roots and Wings | Hanna Miller | Documentary


5:30-7:00pm  Reception | North Gate Hall Courtyard


Narrative Writing Presentations and Audio Panel Discussion | Library, North Gate Hall


How Surfing is Changing the Divides in Cape Town | Libby Leyden | Narrative Writing 

End of the Road? | Sam-Omar Hall | Narrative Writing 

Notes from the Underground | Isabel Gottlieb | Narrative Writing 

Nothing but Jesus: Redemption and Recovery in the Kern River Valley | Brian Rinker | Narrative Writing

(BREAK 7:45-8:00pm)  


Unrequited Katherine Rose | Audio 

The One Who Got Caught | Teresa Cotsirilos | Audio

The Last Piece of Ground | Lacy Jane Roberts | Audio

La Vida Es Un Carnaval | Levi Bridges | Audio 



FRIDAY SCHEDULE | May 12, 2017

Documentary, Photography, New Media, and Video Storytelling | BAMPFA


The Waiting Game | Alison Vayne | Video Reporting and Storytelling

Who We Are | Manjula Varghese | New Media

HALE | Bradford Bailey | Video Reporting and Storytelling

Advancing Waters | Robin Simmonds | New Media

The Mountains Are Ours | Atia Musazay | New Media

City of Smoke | Peter Bittner | New Media

Hong Kong Through Her Eyes: Regine Yau | Katherine Wei | New Media

(BREAK 12:45-1:15pm) 


A Town Divided |  Lucas Waldron | New Media

Makes Me Want to Holler | Waringa Kamau, Mahlia Posey | Video Reporting and Storytelling

Debt and Dreams | Paayal Zaveri | New Media 

Doctor Exodus | Mariela Patron | New Media 

Mixed Media | Akira Olivia Kumamoto | Video Reporting and Storytelling

Safa | Isaac Smith | Documentary 

(BREAK 2:45-3:00pm)


A Tale of Two Stadiums | Juan Manuel Reyes Jr. | New Media

Tracking Hate in America  | Marcos Martinez | New Media 

FUBAR | Joseph Bush | Video Reporting and Storytelling

Loss at the Frontera | Jennifer Cain, Angélica M. Casas | Video Reporting and Storytelling 

Assassination, Inc. | Christian Stork | New Media

How to Make a Pearl | Jason Hanasik | Documentary 


5:30-7:00pm  Reception | North Gate Hall Courtyard


Narrative Writing and Audio Panel Discussion | Library, North Gate Hall


The Messenger | Melissa Batchelor Warnke | Narrative Writing 

Cold Case | Kate Harloe | Narrative Writing 

Stuck: Social Mobility and the Cycle of Poverty  Danielle Parenteau-Decker | Narrative Writing 

Filling the Visual Space Erika Alvero | Narrative Writing 

Trapped Inside: Fighting Language Deprivation in Deaf Children Coby McDonald | Narrative Writing  

       (BREAK 7:50-8:00pm)

8:00-9:30 pm

The Dome: Life on Fake Mars | Graelyn Brashear | Audio

Gone in a Flash Marylee Williams | Audio

Bodies in the Snow Christopher Harland-Dunaway | Audio 

Choke Artists Matt Beagle | Audio 


The schedule is subject to change. 

It is a 15-minute walk to North Gate Hall from BAMPFA. Campus perimeter shuttles are available ($1 for non-UCB affiliates, free for students), via the regular shuttle services. View perimeter shuttle information here.


The class of 2017 wishes to thank their friends and family for their love and support while on their journey to graduation and beyond.

Filling the Visual Space | Erika Alvero, Narrative Writing

A profile of Deaf West, a mixed deaf and hearing theater company based in Los Angeles.


HALE | Bradford Bailey, Video Reporting and Storytelling

An intimate look into the life and times of a disability rights pioneer who is still trailblazing today.


Choke Artists | Matt Beagle, Audio

The Golden State Warriors are the hottest thing in sports but 20 years ago, they hit rock bottom when a shocking team incident sparked national discussions on race and violence.


City of Smoke | Peter Bittner, New Media

Ulaanbaatar is the world's coldest capital, and one of the most polluted cities on earth during winter. Explore the public health crisis, its causes, surrounding controversy, and future outlook.


The Dome: Life on Fake Mars | Graelyn Brashear, Audio

For a volunteer in the longest-ever NASA-funded Mars simulation mission—a year in a dome on a Hawaiian volcano—the lessons are personal.


La Vida Es Un Carnaval | Levi Bridges, Audio

Many workers in traveling carnivals come from Mexico. This is the story of how their U.S. employers often exploit them and the price they pay for speaking about the abuse.


FUBAR | Joseph Bush, Video Reporting and Storytelling

An in-depth look at a veteran owned and run company, and how they have taken the valuable lessons they learned in the military and applied it to a successful business environment.


Loss at the Frontera | Jennifer Cain, Angélica M. Casas, Video Reporting and Storytelling

A 2-part video series exploring the ongoing gender violence in Ciudad Juárez, and how crimes against women affect the mothers and children of the victims.


Downriver | Luisa Conlon, Documentary

The chief judge of the Yurok Nation works to stem the endemic domestic violence in her tribe.


Condition Blue | Leslie Cory, New Media

What is it like to police and be policed in the streets of one of California's poorest and highest crime cities?


The One Who Got Caught | Teresa Cotsirilos, Audio

Up to 20 percent of California’s wildfires are set on purpose. The arsonists who start them are rarely caught. This is how investigators tracked down one of them.


Water Town | Maya Craig, Documentary

For 100 years, the town of Weed, California has piped the spring water of Mount Shasta directly to its homes. Now, a web of multinational corporations threatens to take that away -- but a posse of former mayors won't let it go without a fight.


Cortez | Jennifer Glenfield, Video Reporting and Storytelling

Cortez is a cultural profile of one of the last operating fishing villages in Florida.


Notes from the Underground | Isabel Gottlieb, Narrative Writing

As economic and political restrictions in Cuba ease, how are freedoms for writers changing?


End of the Road? | Sam-Omar Hall, Narrative Writing

The city of Oakland is planning to remove an urban freeway that runs through its downtown. Could California be moving away from cars?


How to Make a Pearl | Jason Hanasik, Documentary

For the last ten years, John Kapellas has lived in complete darkness. “How To Make A Pearl” explores Kapellas’ inner landscape and outer reality.


Bodies in the Snow | Christopher Harland-Dunaway, Audio

In 1944, Germans massacred American prisoners near Malmedy, Belgium. Later, Americans attacked a village with orders to, “Take no prisoners.” John Fague was a G.I. forced to confront what unfolded.


Cold Case | Kate Harloe, Narrative Writing

A twelve year-old boy was murdered in a rural New York town. Five years later, the case is unsolved, but the divisions it revealed remain.


"In the Reign of Kings" | Brittany Hosea-Small, Photography

In the era of RuPaul's Drag Race and drag queen shows galore, there is little spotlight shown on other part of the queer performance spectrum.  Following several Bay Area-based Drag King groups, we look at the concept of gender expression when the focus is turned toward the masculine persona.


The Faces Behind the Repeal | Trinity Joseph, Video Reporting and Storytelling

A series about how healthcare policies impact people’s everyday lives.


Makes Me Want to Holler | Waringa Kamau, Mahlia Posey, Video Reporting and Storytelling

Nearly 100,000 people are hit by a bullet every year. Outside the network of victims and survivors of gun violence, little attention is paid to this public health crisis.


"...But Did You Follow Up?" The Palo Alto Suicide Clusters and Media Accountability | Agatha Kereere, Video

Palo Alto residents discuss media coverage and accountability on the town's suicide clusters.


Class in Color | Isara Krieger, Documentary

Anticipating high school can be scary. High school at an elite boarding school — even scarier. How does one group of students learn to prepare for a future they never thought could be their own?


Mixed Media | Akira Olivia Kumamoto, Video Reporting and Storytelling

Mixed media is a 3 part video series about the mixed race experience in the U.S. The videos have been featured on NBC News Online.


How Surfing is Changing the Divides in Cape Town | Libby Leyden, Narrative Writing

A profile of a surf program in Cape Town that is changing the post-apartheid beach scene in a city that is still divided by race lines.


The Line | Kyle Merrit Ludowitz, Photography

The US/Mexico border invokes frustration and pain to many. This photographic project covers both sides of the border wall, documenting a vigilante militia, Border Patrol agents, Mexican activists, and unaccompanied minors caught crossing into the US. In photographing opposing perspectives, this visual narrative hopes to provide a deeper understanding to the immense issues of immigration and border politics.


Tracking Hate in America | Marcos Martinez, New Media

A digital platform and mobile application to report and map hate crimes.


Trapped Inside: Fighting Language Deprivation in Deaf Children | Coby McDonald, Narrative Writing

The deaf community is spearheading a battle against language deprivation and delays in language development among deaf kids by demanding universal access to sign language.


Roots and Wings | Hanna Miller, Documentary

Nineteen-year-old mother Leatrice Perry Black searches for home in rural Mississippi amidst tangled family roots. 


Journey to Heaven | Nailah Morgan, Documentary

Haitian refugees in Tijuana rethink the American Dream.


The Mountains are Ours | Atia Musazay, New Media

What’s it like living in post-Taliban Kabul as a woman? A team of 20 female mountaineers trek the mountains of Afghanistan, leading to a series of reflections.


Stuck: Social Mobility and the Cycle of Poverty | Danielle Parenteau-Decker, Narrative Writing

The poor are supposed to be able to raise themselves out of poverty, but for my family, even hard work and good education have not been enough.


Doctor Exodus | Mariela Patron, New Media

Puerto Rican doctors are leaving the island. The multimedia project explains how disparities are causing them to move to the mainland, and how it is affecting families who remain in the U.S. territory.


A Tale of Two Stadiums | Juan Manuel Reyes Jr., New Media

The story of how the city of Pontiac struggled to deal with an abandoned stadium while Oakland could be on the verge of the same problem.


Nothing but Jesus: Redemption and recovery in the Kern River Valley | Brian Rinker, Narrative Writing

After 10 years of chasing the next heroin high, Heather Menzel returned home to get sober. Little did she know that the town was in the midst of a heroin and methamphetamine epidemic. Even worse, the town was a drug treatment desert, except for a growing faith-based movement that aimed to save the area’s addicts.


The Last Piece of GroundLacy Jane Roberts, Audio

In the 1970s in Southeastern Montana, a small Native American tribe's clashes with coal developers changed the way Indian Nations around the country approach resource development.


Unrequited | Katherine Rose, Audio

What happens when love is unreturned? “Unrequited” is a 6-episode podcast about the torches we carry for people who, most of the time, could care less.


Title Forthcoming | James Rossi, Narrative Writing

Description forthcoming.


Advancing Waters | Robin Simmonds, New Media

Slum dwellers in Manila, beachfront mansion owners in California, and shrewd Dutch engineers face the reality of rising seas and extreme weather. How far will they go to protect their homes?


SafaIsaac Smith, Documentary

A family portrait - Is this the real America?


Assassination, Inc. | Christian Stork, New Media

An inside look at the contractors and technologies of targeted killing.


Project Alexandria | MONDO OBAMA | Gabriel Allan Tolliver, New Media

A journalism search tool | A curated look back at POTUS 44.


Who We Are | Manjula Varghese, New Media

The Arab uprising brought Egyptian youth into the spotlight. Who We Are is an interactive documentary that follows three Egyptian youth as they experience the uprising to present day.


The Waiting GameAlison Vayne, Video Reporting and Storytelling

The Waiting Game takes a look at the refugee crisis in France.


A Town DividedLucas Waldron, New Media

A rural town in Southern Arizona is bitterly divided over a silver mining project that promises jobs and threatens the environment.


The Messenger | Melissa Batchelor Warnke, Narrative Writing

If Democrats are going to win the country back, they’ll need a new vocabulary. Linguist George Lakoff has spent his life building one.


Hong Kong Through Her Eyes: Regine Yau | Katherine Wei, New Media

The political scene in Hong Kong is thrown into something between chaos and hope as millennials like Regine Yau decide to interfere with the city’s future.


Gone In A Flash | Marylee Williams, New Media

The comic book collection was Homer Marciniak’s pride and joy. When it was stolen, what started as a local crime became a federal investigation.


Debt and Dreams | Paayal Zaveri, New Media

In the aftermath of the closure of one of the nation's largest for-profit colleges, students are left with mountains of debt and difficult choices.