J-School Production Facilities

Designed as small close-knit environments where students can work with instructors on a personal level, our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment are continuingly adapting to suit students’ needs and interests.

The J-School’s production facilities include several fully-equipped studios, all with free campus WiFi, accessible to students 24 hours a day:

Photography & Multimedia

Each student is provided most of the current software they will need for Web page creation and video, audio and digital photography editing. Digital video cameras, digital audio recorders and digital cameras are also readily available for multimedia reporting and long-term projects.

TV/Documentary Lab and Northgate TV Studio

The Nan Tucker McEvoy Broadcast Laboratory provides the latest versions of editing software such as Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere, and professional digital cameras for the production of student work.  It also houses the Northgate TV Studio, which is a hosting service for live television interviews in one of the most convenient locations in the East Bay. The PBS “NewsHour”, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, the BBC, Australian Broadcasting, CNN, and many others have used our studios to interview experts from around the campus and further, on the critical news issues of the day. The halls of North Gate are routinely frequented by the influential guests of these important broadcasts.

Radio Lab

The Madeleine H. Russell Radio Studio features advanced editing software,  and digital audio recorders. From the Radio  Lab, students create pieces for 90.7 FM (KALX), the campus station, as well as KQED. Like the TV Lab, the Radio Lab is equipped with ISDN connectivity for the best quality audio for remote interviews for broadcasters such as NPR and others.

The Investigative Reporting Program

The Investigative Reporting Program, located across the street from the Journalism School functions as both a specialized graduate-level training program and as a non-profit news gathering operation. Since 1996, award-winning stories for major broadcast outlets including PBS “Frontline”, the PBS NewsHour, New York Times Television and Univision, have been produced and edited out of these unique facilities.  Dozens of Jschool students and alumni have been hired to work on these projects as researchers, fact checkers, reporters, shooters, associate producers and logistics handlers, gaining invaluable hands-on experience.

Contact Jeremy Rue for further information about Multimedia and Photography, Jim Richards to learn more about the TV and Radio studios or to arrange a tour, and Christopher O’Dea to learn more about the Broadcast Studio. Contact Alisha Klatt to arrange a tour of the Investigative Reporting Program.


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