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April 05, 2006

People Daily: we should be aware of Americans' victim-like psychology

The way Chinese people view Americans has been continuously changing and reached a stage that they feel Americans are lagging behind in a game with rules set by the Americans, People Daily run a comment today, before Chinese President Hu's visit to U.S. later this month.

People Daily is the mouthpiece of Chinese Communist Party and regarded as one of the most authorized media in China expressing the government's policy and point of view.

The piece is written by an economic researcher in the U.S. Research branch of Chinese Academy of Social Science. Wang, the writer, raised three reasons for Americans' victim-like psychology to explain the current tight Sino-US relationship and suggested a "new" thinking for China to deal with U.S. in trade issues as preparing for a long time friendly relationship.

"Americans always try to express a strong feeling that they are the miserable victim in the trade between U.S. and China." Wang said.

Most people in China don't know much about the American polictics and debate in Senate and political lobbying, just as Americans are not familiar with Chinese ways of doing things. Chinese will feel surprised seeing leaders being challenged in U.S. political debate being broadcasted, just as Americans will be amazed by China's efficiency with those idle listeners in a meeting when leaders are speaking in boring official tones.

Wang said if one went to sit in a debate of U.S. congress, he/she will sure feel the consent of how U.S. has suffered, after hearinga the emotional speech by senators. "These senators and representatives who are demanding votes to continue their career, just cannot accept that U.S. has fell behind China in a trade game in which the rules were set by the America." So they require to use the rules to curb China.

"Americans think China are just lucky enough to grow in an age of globalisation." Wang concluded, cited this as the first reason for American's victim-like psychology.

Secondly, Americans felt that China and Chinese goods and Chinese workers will squeeze away the position U.S. and her citizens have taken and end their living. "Although many experts and academics have repeated saying China's producing advantage mostly rely on her cheap labour and China just functions as assembly for global brands led by U.S. and western countries, Americans still feared China's growth in technology." Wang said.

Globalization is also a key issue. Wall Street Journal recently published an article talking about the new merger and acquisition trend in business that related to cross-border buyout of companies, citing Dubai's port deal and China's CNOOC's attempt to buy Unicol as typical examples, supported by recent resistence to cross-border merger in European Union.

The debut of Ben Bernanke as chairman of Federal Reserve also has relate to the inverted curve phenomenon, as U.S. short-term notes' yield are higher than those of long-terms, to globalisation, as China and Japan are buying a huge amount of US treasuries, which is not as significant in earlier days. Bernakee thus ruled out an economic recession.

Globalisation is kicking Amricans' nurve when it's not Americanization. Wang said the third reason for American's victim-like psychology is American has put all their anxiety about globalisation on China. "U.S. used to be the promoter of globalisation." Wang said, "globalisation means adjusting to new culture and new ways of life. In the early days, American adjust happily as they are benefited from globalisation with their income increased and other things bettered. However, when the harms come near to them in their turn, Americans felt the pain felt by people in other places around the world in the early days and are eager to find someone to blame. China fell into the slot."

"US is the biggest trade parter of our country," Wang concluded at the end of the article, "We should do our best to keep the relationship, and keep it stable."

"Americans' viticm-like feeling is strong and we should be aware of that when dealing with them in the future." Wang said, "We should prepare for it as it will take the U.S. a long time for them to adjust and changing the victim-like feelings."

Posted April 5, 2006 09:50 PM


many people think we are destroying the American middle class through the influx of cheap chinese goods

Posted by: tpiddy [TypeKey Profile Page] at April 18, 2006 04:05 PM

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