Golden Gate Neighboorhood
Within the stretch of a mile, San Pablo Avenue cuts through three cities: Berkeley, Oakland for a short ten blocks, and then Emeryville. The span that is Oakland's domain is the old Golden Gate neighborhood, named for its views (now absconded by development) of the Golden Gate Bridge across the Bay.

This is a largely African-American community, but now many of the businesses operating in the area are owned by Asians or Middle Easterners, many who have only recently gained citizenship in the United States.

This area is one of the targets of Oakland's Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization (NCR) program which seeks to stimulate business in areas considered blighted by the city. The Golden Gate district buildings are old, its structures wooden and it does have its share of urban troubles; but behind the peeling paint facades there is a community of people that breathe life into the place.

It is a neighborhood where the spirit of a community living and working with one another, together, still exists. This is a place where you know your grocer, your butcher and your barber. It's a place where you pass friends on the sidewalk and stop for leisurely conversations about the weather, the kids and of course, your troubles.


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