November 02, 2004

Oakland Hills Fire Station 8:15 AM

About 40 voters waited comfortably inside an Oakland Hills fire station this morning. Neighbors waved and flashed a series of signs to each other. In this absurdly Democratic district in Alameda County, the smiles, winks and thumbs up meant only one thing: we're here to vote for John Kerry and end the progressive's nightmare of the last 4 years. Six voters walked in their absentee ballots and handed them directly to the poll workers. One woman filled out a provisional ballot at a special table and had many quiet questions of the poll workers. As she left, another woman said to a next door neighbor, "If you hear me moaning across the street, you'll know what happened." It was all so very comfortable; ideology, fashion, and annual incomes enmeshed in perfect harmony. Then I envisioned another polling place, perhaps another fire station, perhaps in Texas, with 40 voters similarly enmeshed, similarly determined to keep President Bush in office. Two fire stations in total .... balance.

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