September 20, 2004

And regulations defining "regulation"

So far, no news report has explained what the recent court ruling on campaign finance means. I appreciated Political Moneyline's attempt to summarize the decision in one sentence, which starts:

In a ruling on Saturday, Sep. 18th, in the case of Shays v. Federal Election Commission, the court struck down regulations defining "coordination", regulations excluding the Internet from coordination rules, regulations defining "agent" for purposes of the coordination rules, regulations defining the term "solicit", regulations defining the term "direct", regulations defining "agent" for purposes of the soft money rules, regulations relating to state party fundraising rules, regulations defining "voter registration" ...

All of which reduces to one comma-free sentence: The FEC got busted.

Political Moneyline links to one of the press releases on the ruling that explains the different regulations. Be forewarned that the release was written by one of the groups involved in the lawsuit.

Posted by Lisa Lambert at September 20, 2004 11:47 PM