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Republicans Stun Democrats
BERKELEY -- Exploiting a whirlwind campaign tour by President Bush over the past week, Republicans surprised confident Democrats, retaking control of the Senate on Tuesday and making historic mid-term gains by not losing ground in the House, where they hold a slim majority.
Updated Nov. 6, 3:00 pm

Davis Claims Victory in Governor's Race
LOS ANGELES -- Incumbent Democrat Gray Davis claimed victory and a second term Tuesday night in the California gubernatorial race against Republican challenger Bill Simon.
Updated Nov. 6, 1:17 am

Coffee Measure Tests
Berkeley's Taste for Fair Trade

BERKELEY Local coffee shops won out over small Central American farmers as voters overwhelmingly rejected the closely watched Fair Trade coffee initiative. Measure O, would have required that all coffee served in Berkeley be organic or certified Fair Trade.
Updated Nov. 6, 2:37 pm

Murder Rate Rises as
Oakland Voters Decide on "More Cops" Initiative

OAKLAND, Nov. 5 -- On a day that ended with one more street homicide, Oakland residents voted on a $70 million package of measures that would add 100 new officers to the Oakland Police Department.
Updated Nov. 5, 11:21 pm

Same Day Registration Faces Tough Road
BERKELEY -- Same-day voter registration was headed toward defeat Tuesday night. With two-thirds of the votes counted, Proposition 52 was being voted down by a solid majority of California voters.
Updated Nov. 6, 1:05 am

Oakland Eviction Measure Too Tight to Call
OAKLAND -- The vote count for Oakland's controversial "Just Cause" eviction measure flip-flopped throughout Tuesday night, with the outcome still too close to call as of midnight.
Updated Nov. 6, 1:00 am

Bates Ousts Incumbent Dean in Berkeley Mayors Race
BERKELEY -- With a lead that grew larger throughout the night, Tom Bates, the longtime Berkeley assemblyman, was elected the city's new mayor.
Updated Nov. 6, 1:30 am

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