Staff Bios

Ethan Eismann
School of Information Management and Systems
Beat: The Napster Generation

Ethan Eismann believes in objectivity and observation. He takes his information unbiased and unfiltered, with a twist of fate. A practiced information artist and designer, he aims to deconstruct and reconstruct media flows in order to highlight that which resides between the lines. Presently he is working towards his masters degree at SIMS, corporate bliss at Adobe Systems, and towards a better future at 47.
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Mary Hodder
School of Information Management and Systems
Beat: Copyright / Fair Use

Mary Hodder sees innovation in cross-pollination, and so experiments with internet published images and words to make narrative collage films and poems incorporating samplings. These works face challenges similar to sampled music: they are not easily cleared for publication. She focuses on Intellectual Property issues like information policy, copyright and content available through fair use for development of technologies used in digital, mass and new media in her work at Garage Cinema Research and Adobe Systems.
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Stephanie Hornung
School of Information Management and Systems
Beat: Hollywood v. Silicon Valley

A graduate of University of Michigan with a Bachelors of General Studies, Stephanie Hornung worked as a business and social issues researcher before returning to school to study at the School of Information Management and Systems. With a focus on virtual communities as well as information architecture, she is interested in how new technologies can facilitate information gathering and access. She is concerned that as intellectual property rights become stronger, information that was once free or easily accessible will become closed, thereby stifling education, knowledge sharing and, ultimately, social progress.
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Eddan Katz
School of Information System
Boalt Hall School of Law

Beat: The Napster Generation

Eddan Katz claims to have lost his Self sometime in the early '90s, and is afraid it may be irretrievable after having read some postmodern philosophy in college. Nevertheless, he goes to work every day researching the history of Intellectual Property law and contemporary cyberlaw issues. Eddan spent much of law school interning at EFF and at the Samuelson Clinic for Law, Technology, and Public Policy working on DMCA cases, wireless privacy, and Chilling Effects.
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Maggie Law
School of Information Management and Systems
Beats: Lawsuits, Legislation, Privacy/Security

Ten years after receiving a B.A. in Classical Languages from U.C. Berkeley, Maggie Law is busying herself with the masters program at the School of Information Management & Systems. During the intervening decade, she worked in the industries of multimedia publishing, document management software, and IT consulting. A semi-professional musician during most of the 1990s, Maggie took a brief tour of the music business sausage factory. Nowadays, she pays little attention to that crazy music the young kids listen to, nor can she remember the last time she purchased a new CD at retail price. Maggie finds it bewildering that soon she will have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area longer than the years she spent growing up in New York City. The weather is nicer here. The bagels are better there.
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Feiwen Rong
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Beats: International Copyright, Legislation

Feiwen Rong was born in a village near the foothills of Yellow Mountain in China in 1976 -- the year the country closed the chapter of class struggle and stumbled onto a new era of economic development. She was raised in Shanghai, a city of 16 million people, where she witnessed and later reported the whirlwind of economic reform in that city and its affect on the residents. After getting a BA in economics and spending three years working as business journalist in China, she enrolled in the journalism school at UC Berkeley, where she is now in her second year.
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Ting Shi
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Beat: International Copyright

Born in Nanchang in southern China in 1974, Ting Shi is the only child of an engineer father and a statistician mother. She received BA degrees in economics and journalism, worked for New China News Agency for four years as a sports writer, and also freelanced for magazines and newspapers on social and cultural issues. She came to the journalism school at UC Berkeley in 2001 and now is a second-year student.
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Daniel C. Silverstein
Computer Science Department
Beat: Software/Open Source

Weaned on a diet of harsh fluorescent light and Wired magazine, Daniel C. Silverstein came to Berkeley to study computers and revolution. As it turned out, the information revolution of the late nineties dwarfed the inconsequential rumblings of modern student activism. The biggest mistake of his college career was not dropping out soon enough. Thanks to many bright peers, he found that there was more to be learned about computers outside the classroom than in. Silverstein took on several key roles in Berkeley's vibrant student computing community. He remains active behind the scenes. He currently works as a hacker, code-monkey, and bottle-washer for a small MUD company. When not distracted by real world interests, Daniel proceeds inevitably, if somewhat sporadically, toward his undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley.
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Lisa Wang
Boalt Hall School of Law
Beat: Copyright / Fair Use

Lisa Wang is currently studying the relationship between law, public policy and technology at the Boalt Hall School of Law. When not immersed in legal texts, she likes to take photographs and make videos. Before coming to Berkeley, she created websites at, researched online artists' networks at the Getty Center, and survived an independent film production in Beijing. She majored in media studies at UCLA, focusing on contemporary art and film.
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Instructor Bios

John Battelle
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

John Battelle is currently a Visiting Professor and Director of the Business Reporting Program at the Graduate School of Journalism. He is also a founder and Executive Producer of the Foursquare conference. Previously, Battelle was founder, Chairman, and CEO of Standard Media International (SMI), publisher of The Industry Standard and Prior to founding The Standard, John was a co-founding editor of Wired magazine and Wired Ventures. He was named a "Global Leader for Tomorrow" by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and a finalist in the Entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young. Battelle holds a bachelor's and a master's degree from UC Berkeley.
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Paul Grabowicz
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

Paul Grabowicz is Adjunct Professor and Director of the New Media Program at the Graduate School of Journalism. He is a staff columnist at the Online Journalism Review, a contributor to E-Media Tidbits: A Group Weblog, (, and co-author of "California Inc.," a book about how entrepreneurism shaped the politics, culture and economy of California. A journalist for 27 years, he spent most of his career as the investigative reporter at The Oakland Tribune, where he also served as night city editor and acting city editor and developed an early prototype of a Web site for the paper.
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Scot Hacker
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

Scot Hacker is the author of O'Reilly's MP3: The Definitive Guide, Peachpit's "The BeOS Bible," and countless articles for print- and Web-based technology publications. By day, Hacker is the Webmaster for UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. His personal weblog is
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