March 19, 2004
"You're Outsourced" Still Available

Donald Trump is trying to trademark "You're Fired" as of 2/4/04. (I think Fuck may still be available too. Or at least Fuck the FCC.)


Courtesy of the Smoking Gun.

Update: doncha just love how the press deals with IP? So ABC is talking about how Trump has filed a "copyright" request with the PTO, and Left, Right and Center on NPR just said that Trump has filed a "patent" request for "You're Fired." I'll agree, Trump has a formula, but it's more for his hair than the way he gets You're Fired (okay, that was an awful joke, but then, he has awful hair, you be the judge as to which is more awful). Anyway, just to confirm, people, this is a Trademark issue, not processes which get patented, or copyright which is about expression. Trademark. About names. So that, you know, people don't confuse your clothing or casino products with You're Fired on them, with other people's casinos or clothing with You're Fired. Because God knows if some non-Donald casino was the You're Fired Casino (presumably to emphasize the loser aspect of the whole thing), Trump doesn't want us getting confused with his You're Fired Casino. No problem.

Posted by Mary Hodder at March 19, 2004 08:49 AM

Mary, have you ever considered providing full-text via RSS? (see here)

Posted by: joe on March 20, 2004 09:46 AM

It is funny how the press mixes up IP terms. And not to be too snarky, but there's a common mixup in this post as well: Trump isn't trying "to trademark" the term YOU'RE FIRED. He's trying to "register" YOU'RE FIRED as a trademark. This is not just a semantic distinction: trademark rights arise through use, while registration provides certain procedural benefits that continue only so long as the mark is being used. It's really not that outrageous to claim trademark rights in a term like YOU'RE FIRED, as the rights would only pertain to particular goods or services with which the mark is used, and wouldn't monopolize the term's common usage.

Posted by: David Opderbeck on March 31, 2004 06:26 AM
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