March 03, 2004
"My Day As An Election Judge"

as noted by Avi Rubin (link via Ed Felten, who by the way, has been hitting it out of the ball park on a daily basis for the past month and a half with the most fascinating posts - he must have had a restful holiday break...).

Anyway, check out Rubin's story. It points to things that are better than expected, or worse, with the Diebold voting machines, and things we need to keep an eye on, like procedures between the system and those controlling the system, so that security is maintained. But one interesting point he noted is that voters overall loved the machines, saying they were easy to use. Though he concludes that this view of an easy-to-use machine may make it much more difficult to fight the underlying, and more invisible problem, of the security and accountability issues with the machines and overall system, which he also found during his judging yesterday.

Posted by Mary Hodder at March 03, 2004 08:18 AM
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