January 28, 2004
Confusing the Pipes/Players with the Content

Cory Doctorow on digital music systems:

    Copyright law has never said that the guy who makes the records gets to tell you what kind of record player you can use.

Cory is responding to Scoble on digital music players. Read the whole post. Compare this to our phone service. Even when AT&T was a monopoly, they didn't control what you said over the phone, they just gave you the pipe and the player (they rented you the phone) but neither of those restricted what you said, how you said it, or how others listened to what you projected. I have no problem with a pipe/player monopoly (in this sense) but there is a serious issue when the pipe/player controls any aspect of your content or experience.

I'm jamming on projects (I promise to spend more time here soon, but the next two weeks are insane...).

Posted by Mary Hodder at January 28, 2004 12:30 PM
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