November 19, 2002
WiFi Sharing Advocated by Speakeasy

CEDBroadband profiles Speakeasy, who just started promoting "'neighborhood' sharing of broadband Internet connections via wireless access points." Not only is Speakeasy allowing this, but they are offering free, special equipment to make sharing more possible. In the past, many ISP's have barred this practice in their user agreements. CED's monthly also has a more general piece on WiFi sharing. This movement has been going on for years, with many different solutions considered.

However, it may be the first time a big commercial ISP has advocated for it. The CLIQ Services Cooperative, a bay area based geek cooperative, has offered and supported this for some time. Take a gander at the 'My Neighbor's A Geek' package on the link. Also, don't get the idea that, because CLIQ has a package they charge for, they discourage or disallow people from doing this for free in an ad hoc fashion. The main difference is that if you pay for the package, CLIQ will provide service and support.

(Some information provided by Daniel C. Silverstein.)

Posted by Mary Hodder at November 19, 2002 10:51 PM
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