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Afghanistan: Pawn in a Great New Game

By Imran Vittachi

Since the end of the cold war, oil corporations have competed for Afghanistan's untapped oil fields. The war on terrorism may have changed the rules of play. "The United States would pay a high price if it ignored the issue of energy security," John C. Gannon, a former high-ranking CIA official told an Energy Council conference at Keystone, Colorado in December 1996. "All expectations are that US dependence on imported oil will continue to grow."

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Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto Visits Stanford University

By Mary Nicole Nazzaro

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto spoke to a capacity crowd at Stanford University last month. She expressed sympathy to America for the September 11 terrorist attacks, and asked for support in establishing democracy in Pakistan as a key step toward maintaining political stability in South Asia.

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Chinese Students Fear Increase in Visa Woes.

By Austin Ramzy

With the United States considering immigration restrictions in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks, some Chinese students say they worry it will be harder for them to obtain student visas to attend American universities. Yunjian Jiang, a Berkeley doctoral student in electrical engineering and computer science, went to Vancouver, Canada, earlier this year to renew his visa. "A lot of people do that. It's become a common practice," Jiang said. "You can either go to Mexico or Canada. If you apply in a third country other than China you have better chance."

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Photo Essay: The Bondage of Debt


Shilpi Gupta looks at bonded laborers in Tamil Nadu, India

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Chinese Bicultural Teacher Brings Art to her Elementary School Classroom

By Lena Fung Warmack

Anna Wong, a Berkeley artist and Chinese bicultural teacher, hopes to inspire other Asian American artists with her work. "I carry my passion for art through to my teaching," Wong said. "Art is so important because it is another way of communicating and expressing your thoughts and feelings to other people; it gives everyone a unique way of expressing themselves."

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Soko Bukai v. San Francisco YWCA:
Whose Y?

By Jessi Hempel

Four years have passed since the Soko Bukai, an association of three Japanese American churches, filed suit against the San Francisco YWCA for ownership of a pink stucco building in San Francisco's Japantown.

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Young Vietnamese-Americans Struggle
Bicultural Identity





By Christine Gralow

From traditional dances in silk ao dais to hip hop dances in trendy clubwear, Cal's Vietnamese Student Association sponsors diverse events that speak to a new generation.

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AOL Time Warner. News Corp. Deal: Win-win or not?

By Ting Shi

The two multimedia giants just grabbed the right to penetrate part of China's huge market. In what is considered an unprecedented relaxation of media control, the two companies now can beam their programming directly to Chinese audiences in Guangdong Province, a prosperous area close to Hong Kong.

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Photo Essay

By Mike McPhate

When Nepal's crown prince massacred his entire family last June the Himalayan Kingdom's people responded with disbelief and sorrow.

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Photo Essay

Photographer Heidi Zeiger gives us a glimpse into Hong Kong life.

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Dueling Conferences Debate Impact of Japan/U.S. Peace Treaty

By Chris O'Connell

Two conferences with two very different takes of the Japan/U.S. treaty of 1951 converge on San Francisco at the same time.

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Travel Writing Unplugged

By Mielikki Org

Tourism has doubled in China over the past 10 years, unleashing legions of entrepeneurs into the cities and countryside. Upper and middle-class people may profit from China's entry into the World Trade Organization, but rural residents may not have much to gain.

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South Asian Awareness Week Remains Cultural






By Nilanga S. Jayasinghe

Although this year's South Asian Awareness week is timely in light of recent crimes against South Asian Americans, organizers will continue to focus on cultural awareness instead of the current political situation.

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Fighting to be Remembered

By Rosa Yum

Chinese Americans protest against the Japanese and the American government's renewal of their SF Peace Treaty that forbids claims made against the Japanese military atrocities committed in WWII.

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