Dangerous Child's Play
Palestinian children parade with fake guns in Balata refugee camp in the West Bank near Nablus, Oct. 5, 2001. (AP photo)

Barbara Lubin has been visiting the Palestinian territories for more than a decade, so she's used to the military checkpoints that dot the roads leading in and out of refugee camps.

But this checkpoint outside Deheisheh refugee camp seemed more ominous than any Lubin had before experienced. That's because the soldier who ordered her car to stop was not a member of the Israeli occupation force, but a laughing Palestinian child.

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Fear and Rage Infect Children's Lives

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is building a legacy of childhood trauma that cuts deeper than the wounds left by young suicide bombers.

Relief workers, psychologists and parents themselves are seeing emotional injuries festering in the children who are growing up surrounded by the horrors of this decades old battle.

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The sounds of a Free Palestine rally.

In Their Own Words

Listen to Palestinian and Palestinian-American children talk about their feelings about the war between Israel and Palestine.

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From 1900 to 2002, a timeline of significant events in Israel and Palestine's history.

Statistics on deaths and injuries in Israel and Palestine.

Facts at a glance about Israel and Palestine, from the CIA World FactBook.

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