Digital TV and The WORLD

Krista Filming Krista Mahr, class of 2005. On location in Cambodia.

Digital TV and the World is an initiative to create new styles of global reportage that take a close-up look at ordinary people and the issues they face. This special project aims first to give fresh voice to people who live in diaspora communities in California by telling their stories. Then it goes on to examine the fabric of life in communities overseas by traveling abroad on intensive reporting assignments. Students are eligible for overseas travel based on successful performance throughout the course.

Tokyo 2009 DVD cover TOKYO 2009 DVD cover design by Julie Johnson

The training emphasizes solid reporting, clear expression and original storytelling based on insight and integrity. Students often take additional courses across the campus to gain background, context and skills for their projects. Stories are aimed for multi-platform, multi-format distribution -- Web sites, satellite and broadcast television, and DVDs along with companion print pieces, photo essays and radio dispatches.

The classes of the Digital TV and the World special project train students to work with small-format, digital cameras and explore an array of storytelling techniques and editing styles. Each students is assigned a High-Definition Sony Z7 camera package and edits on an Apple laptop computer with Final Cut Pro.

Our correspondents have profiled members of diaspora communities from an Iraqi Kurd in Fremont to Cambodians in Stockton. They have reported around the world from Argentina to China, Japan to Nicaragua, and India to Romania. Many DIGITAL TV AND THE WORLD stories are published on the Website of The Washington Post.





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