Gisela Perez de Acha Chavez

Gisela Perez de Acha

Class of 2020

Gisela Pérez de Acha is a Mexican human rights lawyer and data journalist, currently studying the future of digital journalism at UC Berkeley. She leads cybersecurity at Berkeley Law’s Human Right Center Lab, where she also conducts open source research of conflict zones in Latin America.

Before attending Berkeley, Gisela worked at Derechos Digitales, a non-governmental organization where she mostly researched algorithmic accountability and malware in Spanish-speaking countries. During that time she also edited Horizontal,the magazine of a cultural center in Mexico City, where she also booked art and literature events related to technology. After the deadly earthquake that hit Mexico in 2017, Gisela became one of the leaders in #Verificado19s: a citizen collective that verified information and countered online misinformation. She was recently awarded a Fullbright scholarship and wishes to practice journalism in Mexico.


  • Fullbright Scholarship