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Video Content Strategist

With over 8 million active readers, VentureBeat has emerged as a leading source for news about technology. Our goal is to help individuals and business leaders to get ahead by explaining the most widely impacting technologies affecting our lives, such as mobile devices to business software.

Located in the heart of San Francisco, VentureBeat seeks to have a strong brand, voice, and point of view. We’re a young, creative, collaborative, and energetic team.

We’re looking to hire world-class people and keep them happy and productive once they’re here.


We are looking for an innovative, creative, entrepreneurial video producer who can help us augment our video content in our target areas of artificial Intelligence and other emerging transformative technologies.


Responsibilities include two areas of focus:


  • Driving overall video content strategy with clear metrics of success around monetization and building audience/community
  • Creating video content that supports our editorial focus and augments engagement through our various social channels and on our site
  • Driving a process across the organization to streamline and increase our video content and video products for advertising
  • Review audience data on a regular basis to better understand what content is in demand by our community and produce to fulfill this need
  • Creating opportunities to break video news or provide video analysis of breaking news
  • Supplementing our video production as appropriate by partnering with video content providers such as Video Elephant and working with Engineering to ensure smooth implementation with video player.
  • For all aspects of work tracking ROI for video content production and presenting to management team

Develop strategies that help us grow our community of followers (video may be a related element):

  • Segmentation of the community (including definition and selection of topics and formats relevant for each community
  • Making sure we get liquidity, in the form of comments/engagement/guest posts and providing feedback about ways to improve that liquidity
  • Setting up hypotheses and goals for said liquidity
  • Review data on what guest posts and topics are doing well with our community, and providing feedback to editorial team about what new stories to write, and also which guest posts to promote to main feed (where they get socialized fully, etc)


DURATION: Permanent


Lauren O'Brien


Skills Required
  • 5 – 10 yrs. experience working for digital editorial publication
  • 5+ years experience in videography and production of videos
  • Solid understanding of video publishing trends in industry



Send your resume and cover letter if interested.