Solutions Journalism Network West Coast region manager

We’re looking for a skilled journalist-entrepreneur to lead SJN’s work up and down the West Coast, focusing primarily on Washington to California but also including Nevada, Hawaii, Alaska and other western states, as opportunities arise.

In the last two years, SJN has forged relationships with dozens of news organizations and hundreds of journalists in the region, seeding projects that have produced high-impact solutions-focused reporting on education, health, the environment, and other issues confronting West Coast communities. Our primary goal in this work has been simply to improve the journalism itself, helping reporters, producers, and editors tell stories that better reflect the full reality of communities.

The West Coast manager will build on this base of work, catalyzing the spread of solutions reporting by journalists and news organizations in the region. This person also will help steward activities that connect the resulting coverage to enhanced audience and community engagement; and will seed professional and civic networks that promote learning and sharing across geography.

Specifically, the West Coast manager will:
• Identify journalists and news organizations with high potential to integrate solutions reporting into their coverage.
• Introduce and advance the solutions approach, using SJN’s training resources to spur initial understanding and build capacity for adoption.
• Working with others at SJN, support reporting projects that both yield high-impact solutions stories and help to shift journalistic practice.
• Actively steward the highest-leverage relationships, yielding high-performing “beacons” that will influence the practice of other journalists and newsrooms in the region.
• Identify opportunities to support community-based activities that will advance the impact of solutions reporting, toward sparking more constructive public discourse.
• Identify and support journalist-trainers who can help spread the solutions approach.
• Create regional network(s) of journalists and/or civic actors that can both strengthen professional practice of solutions journalism and speed the dissemination of solutions stories into society.

Does this sound like your calling? We hope so: We’re an energetic, ambitious, and fun bunch who recklessly construct portmanteaus and face a quotidian battle against our collective 3pm chocolate addiction. We want someone great to join us. We need a focused entrepreneur for this job, someone who sees opportunities at every turn—and can execute upon them. We need someone who knows how to solve problems, with an appetite for experimentation and an appreciation for ambiguity.

Diversity of perspective, identity, and experience is also incredibly important to us: We want to reflect and serve the whole of society. As a result, we encourage diverse applicants to seek employment, and we make all employment decisions without regard to race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or any other factors protected by federal, state or local law. SJN is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Also, other important things we’re looking for:
• Serious journalism chops: You should have significant newsroom experience
• A focused entrepreneur, someone who sees opportunities at every turn—and can execute upon them;
• Project management skills: You are organized, disciplined, focused. You know how to function effectively with multiple moving parts.
• Self-Starter: You work well alone and with others.
• Someone with an appetite for experimentation: While we see very clearly where we’re headed, we don’t always know how we’ll get there – and we’re comfortable and confident with that.
• Authentic Relationship Builder: You are a natural at connecting with people and building authentic relationships. You are happiest when you are engaging with new people and bringing them into your tribe.
• Familiarity with and connections to the West Coast region.


SALARY: $75,000-$95,000
DURATION: Permanent




Deadline: July 31, 2019