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Perspectives Editor, Soap Public Media

Working with our proprietary machine-learning platform, you will help us identify and present the important news issues via a mobile app and a website.

We are looking for research- and innovation-minded editors to help us build our product. The current beta can be seen at For more background see

In this role, you will become familiar with the design and development path of an innovative new content product, and contribute to its continuing rapid improvement. You will dig in each day to one or more of the various “perspectives” used by Soap to sort through and surface the most important issues.

Reporting to Soap’s editorial lead, you will focus daily on one of the “perspectives” that form Soap’s presentation of the news. Each day you will review dozens of potential topic groups covering thousands of stories surfaced by our platform for each perspective section. This entails a commitment (anticipated up to 3 hours per “perspective” section) to:

  • review the entire perspective feed, selecting the most engaging, important and relevant topics to identify 7 top “issues”;
  • create specific, accurate, engaging headlines/descriptions for the “facets” of the topic presented;
  • determine a final ranking of the seven issues to be published based on news value and audience appeal as well as our internal statistical indicators.

As familiarity with our mission builds, you will help evaluate and identify other sources and organizations who can contribute substantially to coverage and discussion of the issues covered in the perspective, or on occasions some sources who might be incorrectly categorized or not contributing to the category.


SALARY: Competitive rate based on expected hourly commitments
TYPE: Freelance
DURATION: Temporary


John Marcom
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An ideal candidate will have 1+ years of experience in an editorial role reviewing and crafting headlines, social-media posts or other succinct, accurate, engaging summaries about diverse topics. If you have experience in covering, knowledge of, and enthusiasm for a particular sector – celebrity and entertainment; science, tech and education; issue advocacy; politics, and/or business and finance – that would be a big plus.


Deadline: October 31, 2018