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THE CANINE REVIEW is a new kind of members-only, subscription-based magazine and news service for dog lovers.

Our mission is to provide fair, complete, and unvarnished information related to dogs. We believe that caregivers and vendors devoted to treating dog owners and their loved ones professionally and fairly deserve a spotlight – as do those who operate outside those important boundaries.

The Canine Review will provide dog owners with quality, independent reporting and analysis on topics such as dog health care services, costs, and insurance; nutrition and dog food safety; law and policy issues involving dogs; and product safety and quality control issues across the pet industry. In addition to our feature stories, subscribers will have exclusive access to our database of profiles on private breeders and animal shelters across the country. These profiles will be written by reporters on the ground who conduct in-person, on-site interviews whenever possible.

For this work, I am looking to recruit and commission reporters with substantive experience conducting live interviews, and who appreciate the importance of leg work. You need not have a background in animals or “pet writing”; in fact, I am probably more interested in enterprise reporters with business or policy reporting experience.

Please contact me to express interest in a cover letter. Story pitches are welcome.

Thanks so much.


Emily Brill |


SALARY: Negotiable
TYPE: Freelance
DURATION: Temporary


Emily Brill


Deadline: August 15, 2019
Please send a cover letter and two clips highlighting your strengths as a reporter  to