Investigative Reporter at, a dynamic and innovating nonprofit news outlet, is seeking a unique and ambitious teammate to produce extraordinary feature stories for our online platform and potential podcasts. The right candidate will take a dedicated and creative approach to investigative reporting.

We’re in the process of shifting our model of nonprofit journalism, and as such, we’re looking for a strong, independently-driven investigative reporter who can vet tips from readers, research a story to its brink, and write what they find in a compelling manner.


SALARY: Competitive, based on experience
DURATION: Permanent


Katherine Terry


Age or experience is not a qualifying factor, but we are looking for a candidate who demonstrates a high level of flair and tenacity in their reporting, as well as a willingness to try new things. Primary job responsibilities include:
  • Investigating short- and long-term enterprise projects and features
  • Monitoring previous investigations for follow-up stories and updates
  • Researching and writing solution pieces to accompany investigations, based on expert opinions and proven innovations
  • Reviewing copy for accuracy and legal precautions
  • Generating story ideas for collaborative reporting projects with other news outlets
  • Cooperating with the engagement editor to disseminate the story and brainstorm creative ideas to share investigations
Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, or communications in English, though a candidate with a different degree who can demonstrate impressive writing skills will be considered. Candidates with five years’ experience of reporting on health care, environment or defense beats will hold an advantage, but anyone with a knack for research and strong writing ability can be eligible. Candidates should also be computer literate, and data analysis and visualization skills will be an advantage. This position will be based out of Tarbell’s office in Greenville, though some travel will be required. Salary is competitive based on years of experience.



Please send a CV, cover letter and three clips demonstrating investigative or enterprise reporting skills to Katherine Terry via In the cover letter, please describe a unique storytelling method or idea you would hope to pursue in the context of investigative journalism.