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Executive & Production Assistant Who Excels at Logistics

We think you are out there, and we want to connect with you now. Our small but ambitious global journalism organization, Orb Media, seeks a Washington DC based C-suite organizer to assist the founder/CEO and the Chief Journalism Officer with all things logistics.

Orb conducts original research and reporting on topics that impact billions of people.  We partner with publishers around the world (who make up the Orb Media Network) that publish that reporting simultaneously.  In 2018 Orb is producing six mind-blowing, agenda-setting stories about the biggest challenges we face as a human society. Through our publishing partners our stories reach tens of millions and hit the front pages of leading media brands all over the world. You can check our latest project “Invisibles: The Plastic Inside Us” and see how we put the issue of plastic in tap water on the table globally.  For “Invisibles” we tested tap water from 15 different countries and discovered 83% of the samples were contaminated with microscopic plastic fibers.


Your job is to organize and facilitate:

  • The fundraising, Orb Media Network development and thought-leadership led by CEO/founder Molly Bingham
  • The journalism production led by Chief Journalism Officer Naja Nielsen

We expect you to not just be good at, but profoundly love managing logistics. We expect you to be systematic, fast acting and one step ahead. Perhaps your ambition is to become a Chief of Staff someday? Your tasks will include travel logistics, schedule organization, managing of contractors and budget management. You will work alongside dedicated colleagues in a very flat organization where we all do what’s necessary and help each other out when needed. In return we will guarantee you respect, fun and a fast forward learning environment, where you will develop professionally and personally as we build the plane and fly at the same time. We have reasonable salaries, real benefits and proper holidays.

In Summary:

  • We will provide you with clear goals and deep insight in the editorial management.
  • We will give you a clear mandate and make quick decisions when you need it
  • We will value your opinion on all things Orb.
  • We will make sure you thrive and grow under a result driven and trust based leadership – and that you will be recognized for your core contribution to creating great journalism
  • You will report to the Chief Journalism Officer


Executive Assistant Responsibilities and Tasks (for CEO)


  • Supporting management of CEO time to focus on priority areas [Fundraising, Orb Media Network Development, Thought Leadership, Organizational needs]
  • Handle logistics and coordination for meetings, communications and travel for CEO
  • Helping the CEO remain sane and productive


  • Manage CEO’s Calendar & Email prioritization
  • Coordinate & Research Travel Planning with CEO
  • Create & maintain appropriate database for Orb Media Network publisher contact information
  • Work with Chief Data Scientist and Orb Team to streamline & systemetize Orb’s internal communications and knowledge sharing and retention.
  • Support work flow on projects that involve multiple team-members


Production Assistant Responsibilities and Tasks (for Chief Journalism Officer)


  • Making the nuts and bolts of reporting and producing a global project work
  • Ensuring Orb gets credit for its work through awards and proper citation


  • Solve Editorial Team technical, logistic, financial or other urgent issues including travel and visas
  • Create and oversee the calendar and budget of each story
  • Manage publishing and maintenance of org (knowledge of Drupal a big plus)
  • Oversee the story translation process


  • Position is a contract for 3 months with the FTE possibility (great benefits)
  • Salary range is $4,000 – $5,000 per month depending upon experience and qualifications.
  • Bonus Points for speaking: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish or Drupal
  • Start: Immediately
  • Job Location: Dupont Circle area, Washington DC

















SALARY: $48,000 - $60,000
DURATION: Temporary


Bella McCann


We would expect our logistics Jiu Jitsu master to easily:
  • Figure out how people work, facilitating them work more efficiently – as individuals and groups.
  • Organize and wrangle details ranging from which seat someone prefers on an airplane to ensuring Arabic word documents are reading right to left.
  • Prioritize across multiple individuals and projects


Deadline: January 14, 2018

Application deadline: Sunday January 14th, 2018 @ 23:59 US Eastern Time

Send applications to: Careers@Orbmedia.org

To be considered application must include:

  • Cover Letter – why you love solving logistics
  • Resume including at least two references

You are welcome to send a sample, example, description or extra information that will help us understand how you work.