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Editorial Project Manager

About Quantgene:

Quantgene is a biotechnology company based in Berkeley, CA and Los Angeles, CA that has developed an early cancer screening test, combining big data and machine learning. Quantgene is now preparing to launch a separate editorial department that will produce a series of feature stories, articles, and books related to revolutionary new approaches to tackling the biggest challenges of our modern society — including inadequate health care and education systems.

Job description:

Quantgene is seeking a project manager to kickstart its new editorial department. The editorial manager will be responsible for regularly producing engaging features of approximately 2,000 words. Each feature will be published in mainstream publications, online platforms, and also serve as building block for professionally published books. The content of these features will be based off of conversations with Quantgene’s CEO as well as supplemental research that is both uncovered by the editorial manager and provided by Quantgene’s staff of medical and data scientists. Each feature has to meet the highest journalistic standards and will be a sophisticated numbers-driven argument that addresses major societal, biotech and health care issues and their potential solutions, as proposed by the CEO and supported by an abundance of facts.


SALARY: $60,000/year
DURATION: Permanent


Shannon O'Hara


An ideal candidate excels at crafting intellectually sound, fact-based arguments that are easily understandable yet precise and drive home paradigm-shifting points. The candidate doesn’t have to have familiarity with health care and education systems, but prior experience as a published science or tech writer, a background in research or investigative writing, and strong interviewing skills are required. The applicant must be able to translate complex ideas presented in a conversational setting to a written format that is highly compelling to the educated public. Part of this is self-directed additional research and a creative approach to building the argument, similar to what a great journalist would do. This is an incredible opportunity for an experienced writer seeking to diversify their portfolio with highly influential content and contribute to the future of biotech, health care, education and society.



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