Creative Corporate Philanthropy

Hello –

We’d like to hire someone to write about creative corporate philanthropy, as is described in the Preface of Joel Fleishman’s 2007 book The Foundation (I have a copy for you to borrow).  Specifically interested in Warren Buffett philanthropy which includes:

  • Giving away 95% of his wealth without putting his name on it (c.f. Carnegie, Mellon, etc.)
  • Giving it via the Gates Foundation, incrementally – why he chose that
  • No “dynastic wealth” for heirs
  • Maimonides’s 8 levels of charity, idea of giving without recognition
  • “Greatest investor” –> “Greatest divestor”
  • It’s amazing what you can get done in the world if you don’t need to take credit for it.

This article will be one in a series of articles on modern philanthropy for our magazine, On Value.  I can share previous issues with you.  Possible future work on this project.

Thanks – Tisha Carper Long


SALARY: up to $600
TYPE: Freelance
DURATION: Temporary


Tisha Carper Long


Good English writing and research skills. Interest in exploring how corporations can make the world better for all. Interest in philanthropy. Willingness to take close direction (see bullets in job description) – this is not a creative writing piece. Willingness to think outside the box.


Deadline: December 21, 2019

Please send a writing sample of at least 2 pages – should be more analytical or a “thought piece” rather than a “story” emphasis.  Articles on business (even if story) or nonprofit organization would also be good.  You can send more than one sample if you like; I will read them all.

The publication has an online presence at, but our philanthropy articles do not appear there.  Still, it will give you an idea of our interests.

Please arrange to meet with me at least once – this can be done in the Berkeley/Albany area or in Sacramento.