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Content Researcher and Writer – shedding light on taboo topics

We’re a company near Ashby BART in Berkeley called For Goodness Sake.

We’ve developed a way to scientifically gather the wisdom of thousands, distill it down into organized, manageable pieces and package it into relatable video, statistics and text such that hundreds of thousands of users actually absorb and retain the insights, lessons and perspectives.

Founded in 2014, our first project was to conduct and share with the world the first ever large-scale study of the specifics of women’s pleasure, a completely understudied topic that needed an honest, evidence-based resource.  That brand, omgyes.com, has been a tremendous success and will continue to roll out new research and content.  Season 2 is launching this year and Season 3 is in production.

Using a similar model, we are also expanding our portfolio to gather, distill and spread wisdom about other topics including ‘unspoken parenthood’ – things they don’t tell you about becoming a parent and menopause.

We’re looking for motivated, empathetic, articulate people to join our research and content team.


SALARY: $55,000-$85,000 DOE
DURATION: Permanent


Rob Perkins


We’ve found that specific domain experience is actually a hinderance, not a help, in doing this work. There are many deep-seated ways of approaching these issues and they’re hard to replace. So we’re really looking to build out our team with bright people with diverse experience. If you’re at or have graduated from UCB J-School and love people and thinking about nuanced human experiences, you could be a fit. We’d also love to grow new teams to translate our research findings into new media like podcast/audio interviews.  We have a film production team and are open to video journalists, as well.



Please send an email with

  • Your availability (ready to start now vs in some number of months)
  • Your resume
  • A few writing samples that you feel really engage lay readers.We’ve found the best way to assess fit is to do a few hours of paid work sitting alongside someone on our research/content team.