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Blog post writer for parenting podcast

I host the Your Parenting Mojo podcast (, which has published over 100 episodes of high quality content.  In each episode I look at the overall body of research on a particular topic related to parenting and/or child development and synthesize it into a resource that parents can actually use to raise their child.

I need to take the information on topics I’ve already published on and produce 20-30 blog posts (with potential for more) that I can use to expand my reach.  Transcripts of each episode are available, so the task will be to quickly understand the content of a particular episode or across a series of episodes and draw it together into a blog post that has the potential to go viral.  Minimal outside research is needed.

I will pay by the article in the short term, although this has the potential to expand into a longer-term opportunity for the right candidate.  We can start with 1-2 trial posts before agreeing to work together long-term.


SALARY: 30-50/article depending on length/style
TYPE: Freelance
DURATION: Temporary




  • Fast reader and writer
  • Ability to quickly get the ‘gist’ of a 60-minute transcript and translate this into a blog post that has the potential to go viral
  • High quality writing style that draws the reader in while maintaining a sense of trustworthiness (I’m not in the sensationalist business, and my audience pretty highly educated, believe in science, etc. – yet the information still needs to be accessible and fun to read)
  • Basic knowledge of/interest in parenting/child development, and willingness to learn more


Deadline: December 31, 2019

Please email indicating your interest in writing these blog posts, along with 2-3 writing samples.  If you are especially keen you may like to write a sample blog post based on one of my episodes; I will pay you for this if I use it.