International Reporting

In recent years, students have enrolled in courses that have taken them to nearly two dozen countries. Students also find they can organize and conduct reporting trips abroad with the help of travel grants provided by the School or by individual faculty members.

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For the classes structured specifically around travel, admission is by application. Students spend time in the classroom, preparing for the travel portion of the class; they generally then go on the road during winter break, spring break or early summer. The classroom emphasis is on reporting and the culture and history of the place they will visit, and on the privilege and responsibility of working as a journalist overseas. Issues like reporting with appropriate cultural sensitivity, working with translators and other international partners, and getting the necessary information in an unfamiliar setting are all addressed before the travel portion of the course.

Students may also apply for travel grants to work on individual projects with faculty advisors. The Travel Grant Program supports domestic and international travel. Having come through the School’s immersive first semester in intensive reporting, students may be encouraged to widen their competencies by traveling domestically or internationally either with a travel class or on a travel grant.


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