J198 Investigative Reporting for the Daily Californian

This class will be a lab for Daily Cal reporters to develop and deepen investigative and enterprise stories. It will teach reporters how to find sources, obtain public records, and craft compelling enterprise stories. At its core, this class is about ensuring that each reporter has the skills they need to report and write compelling investigative and enterprise stories. To this end, the class will begin with writing and reporting skills and then delve into data reporting and public records. Occasionally, veteran journalists will come to class to discuss their areas of expertise. Over the course of the semester, students are expected to produce at least one enterprise story, which we will workshop in class. We will also have short class assignments that focus on building writing and reporting skills. rn




Time:  F 2:00 - 3:00


Class Number:  29436

Section:  0

Units:  2


Course Material Fee:  

Enroll Limit:  12

Restrictions & Prerequisites