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Hearken is a leader in the engagement journalism field. We developed a unique editorial model, called Public-Powered Journalism, that involves the audience from the pitch to publication. We work with nearly 100 newsrooms across the U.S. and the world to help them implement our model, through a combination of consulting and supporting technology.

Engagement consultants provide individualized support to partner newsrooms, beginning with the onboarding phase. Each consultant develops deep and ongoing relationships with journalists in their partner newsrooms, and supports them through many methods.

This includes:
- leading training on the Hearken tech and storytelling model
- teaching best practices
- helping newsrooms develop engagement and outreach strategy
- sharing relevant examples and lessons between partners
- fielding support requests about both our tech and the public-powered journalism model

The consultants aim to provide proactive support, anticipating the resources a newsroom needs often before the newsroom even thinks to reach out for help. To do this, consultants keep a watchful eye on their partner newsrooms, tracking which features they use, reading and evaluating the stories they produce, and keeping tabs on the newsroom’s progress.

Other duties that the consultants share include writing documentation for our help site, contributing to our monthly newsletter, doing case studies, staying on top of industry trends, and posting to our social media accounts.


- Experience working in a newsroom (whether as a reporter, producer, editor, product manager, engagement something-or-other, audience development manager, etc.)
- Practical experience in any of the following: audience engagement, audience development, crowdsourcing, fostering online communities, and/or community organizing
- Great customer service instincts and interpersonal skills
- Passion and enthusiasm for Hearken’s public-powered model
- Comfort with data and analytics
- A brain full of ideas, strategies, and possibilities for transforming journalism

How To Apply:

Review the full job description and fill out the application here: https://www.wearehearken.com/careers

Additional Details:

Location State Salary Duration Schedule Deadline
Chicago IL 50,000 - 60,000 Permanent Full Time July 19, 2017

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Web site:




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