Junior Analyst and Copy Editor - W2O Group

Seeking an AP-Style-proficient candidate with a background in marketing/analytics or journalism/communications to serve as both a Junior Analyst for the greater W2O Group Analytics practice and Copy Editor for the in-house Analytics Quality Control team. This candidate excels at both left and right-brain tasks, and is energized to apply his or her editorial expertise to the emerging field of social data analytics.

As a Junior Analyst, this candidate will use digital/social data to help larger teams create actionable insights for clients, assisting in everything from data collection to trend identification and topic analysis. Required skills include the ability to analyze complex online discussions and the ability/desire to learn how to create Boolean queries, leverage third party and proprietary tools to collect and clean data, and organize data in Microsoft Excel.

As a Copy Editor, this candidate will assist the analytics story-telling process. He or she will review peers’ presentations for subjective errors, including basic spelling and grammatical issues, as well as make more objective edits for ease of reading and consistency. Required skills include AP Style proficiency, and the ability to make helpful edits and suggestions while keeping an analyst’s voice intact.


Proofread various industry reports before client presentations; provide feedback to guide analysts’ writing
Aggregate, clean and organize data with the guidance of more experienced analysts
Work with larger project team to synthesize research into an engaging story that will guide our clients’ communications and marketing strategies
Manage daily social and online media monitoring and activation
Assist on monthly and quarterly listening, measurement and trends reports


Required Skills & Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in journalism, writing/English, communications, PR or marketing/analytics
Proficient in AP Style editing with strong reading comprehension and writing skills
Deep understanding of the digital/social media landscape
Competence in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint
Experience/interest in navigating digital and social media monitoring tools like Sysomos, TrendKite, Crimson Hexagon, Google Analytics
Familiarity with/interest in learning basic keyword development and/or Boolean query building
Preferred Skills & Qualifications:

Proven track record of effective and responsible editing, having demonstrated the ability to leave an author’s voice intact while ensuring message is clear and concise
Ability to identify and correct complex structural errors, like misplaced modifiers and latent redundancy

How To Apply:


Additional Details:

Location State Schedule Deadline
New York New York Full Time Sept. 27, 2017

Contact Info:

Created On:  05/30/2017 - 12:00 a.m.

Modified On:  06/20/2017 - 08:57 a.m.

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