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GateHouse Media’s Center for News & Design

The biggest, the best. That is what the Center for News & Design is striving to be.

So what is a place like this, you may ask yourself. Well, that's a good question. GateHouse Media is a publication company that owns over 600 publications across the country. Our Center for News & Design, which is a part of GateHouse, designs for about 245 weekly and daily publications. We the biggest (in terms of publications that are designed here [245], staffing [more than 200 designers], and pages per week [11,000]) and we're quickly becoming the best.

We've only been around since 2014 so it's a bit much to boast. But we do have some things to brag about for our people:
Promotions, career advancement
Pay for referrals
Creative environment
Leadership training and development
Monthly team building activities and social events
Ping pong
Food trucks
Bottom line is this: if you're interested in visual storytelling, strong journalism and page design, this is a great place to begin your career.

Wanna be a part of this? Got what it takes? Check and see:
Use page-design software and centralized front-end system to lay out a steady stream of pages from beginning to end
Offer and execute creative solutions to content presentation
Provide a final read of all copy submitted for a variety of publications produced by the desks
Publish final stories to appropriate websites, following GateHouse Media’s content strategy
Work with local editors across the country to continually improve our publications


The designer/copy editor must:
Have a dual skill set in both newspaper design and copy editing
Be a true multi-tasker who can handle curveballs on a hard deadlines
Be a true team player, able to interact proactively and productively with dozens of colleagues while helping to build team morale
Be able to generate and implement creative ideas swiftly
Have proven line-editing skills and be versed in AP style
Have experience with layout software, preferably Adobe InDesign
Have experience with digital publishing

How To Apply:

If you've got what it takes, apply here!

Additional Details:

Location State Salary Duration Schedule Deadline
Austin Texas variable full-time Full Time June 27, 2017

Contact Info:


Web site:



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