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BuzzFeed's Entertainment section is looking for an entertainment and pop-culture obsessive for a full-time paid internship in the Los Angeles office. The person will work closely with BuzzFeed entertainment staff on research, content creation, and idea generation. The ideal candidate will have some experience writing, reporting, and researching at a previous media internship or school newspaper. This is an excellent opportunity to work on a fast-paced site and add clips to a portfolio.


-Perform research, including photo research, as assigned by editors.
-Transcribe interviews.
-Write posts.
-Occasionally cover events and press conferences
-Pitch ideas in editorial meetings.
-Perform light administrative duties, including taking notes in editorial meetings and maintaining the editorial calendar.
-Post to BuzzFeed Entertainment's Facebook and Tumblr accounts


-Deep knowledge of and obsession with entertainment, including film, TV, digital Hollywood and industry news
-Previous experience in an editorial role at a school newspaper, or other internship at a magazine or website. Some blogging experience a plus.
-Overall eagerness and enthusiasm.
-Comfort with the fast pace of internet publishing.
-Experience with an array of social media platforms, including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

How To Apply:

Apply through Jobscore: www.jobscore.com/jobs/buzzfeed/entertainment-intern-la/dI8gsKW9ur4RpIeJe4iefn?ref=rss&sid=68

Additional Details:

Location State Salary Duration Schedule Deadline
Los Angeles CA $10/hr 3 months Full Time Sept. 27, 2013

Contact Info:

Web site:


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