Summer Social Media/PR/Marketing Intern -

Our Social Media/PR/Marketing Intern will manage our various social media outlets, including facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They will help our Marketing Director continue developing our PR strategy and support our SEO centric marketing campaigns. This intern will continue social media best practices established by the management team. We will also look to this intern to seek out new trends and propose new social media initiatives. Goals for fans, followers, views, etc will be set and worked towards.


• Your job responsibilities will involve leveraging social media to increase traffic to the site and build knowledge of the brand. This will include: posting our unique content to the facbeook wall, building facebook fans through contests and other creative means, managing twitter feed, growing twitter followers, managing YouTube channel, and more.
• You will work closely with our team to monitor these efforts and to come up with new projects that capitalize on the creativity and nimbleness of our team.
• You will be given responsibility over your projects, with constant feedback and support from our management team.
• You will be encouraged to identify goals and skills you would like to improve. The management team will help you reach these goals, improve your knowledge base, and explore new interests.

Additional Details:

Location State Salary Duration Schedule Deadline
Berkeley CA Unpaid 10-12 Weeks Full Time May 28, 2012

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