Editorial Intern for the magazine section of a gay social networking website in San Francisco - dot429

Dot429, a LGBT, a social networking site, is looking for editorial interns to write stories for our magazine section. A recent New York Times article about dot429 can be read by clicking on this link: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/22/business/media/pull-of-a-gay-networking-site-draws-marketers.html?_r=2

I have recently been hired to invigorate the magazine section, and my goal is to transform it into an incubator for writers who aspire for journalistic greatness, and see their internship at dot429 as a stepping stone to writing for the best magazines.

We are looking for writers who aspire to write fully reported news stories as pithy and dense with information as an Economist piece, New Yorker quality profiles, and business stories which strip PR gloss and look deeply into the sociological and psychological mechanisms which created the success or failure of the subject. Arts reviews should leave us with the same afterglow one feels after leaving a performance in respectful silence, or dismissive laughter.

Our desired editorial tone for shorter pieces is akin to the New York Observer: sophisticated, playful and knowing. That means that you will have to possess those qualities. Feature stories should be written in the author's voice and in a manner that would not look out of place in the New York Times Magazine or the Atlantic.

People write best about what they are passionate about. So if you have a particular interest in politics, arts or business, the majority of stories you will be assigned will cover those subjects.

We are looking for interns who know that the only way to write well is to report like an obsessively curious workaholic. This does not mean cruising around the Internet. It means that you are on the phone making call after call until you find your expert; you drive to the scene, wait outside houses, and never give up until you get your quote.

Since dot429 covers stories internationally, you will not be required to move to San Francisco, although those living in the Bay Area would be best. You will be responsible for one to two short postings per day and one feature length, fully reported story per week. We are able to offer a $175 stipend per month.

I have just been hired to find and train the editorial interns and will do my best to improve you. I am a graduate of Columbia Journalism School, and have written and photographed for the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Observer, Chicago Tribune, and Global Post. I am also the former editor of the Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper and have many years of experience turning interns into literary journalists.

How To Apply:

If you are interested in the internship, please send your resume and at least five clips.

Additional Details:

Location State Salary Duration Schedule Deadline
San Francisco CA stipend 4 months Full Time None

Contact Info:



Web site:


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