Creative Writer - Zabyte LLC goes live in mid-August.


-Creative writers are needed for a revolutionary new website aimed at developing local content for college students and their respective universities. Creative writers will contribute satiric articles that draw college students to This is a great opportunity to build a writing portfolio while also helping to build a successful website at your school.
-Writers must be willing to write 6 articles per week––Four 150 Word, Two 600 Word and produce at least 15 headlines per week.
-Be excited to have the responsibility of making Zabyte a success on your campus.
-Communicate/meet with Zabyte’s Creative Director at your University. The Creative Director would provide you with guidance and support to ensure your time with Zabyte is a success!
-Support other Creative Writers if needed.
-Aggressively push Zabyte as an essential tool to any and every college student.



-Be a student at the University. All majors welcomed.
-Be creative and excited to contribute to the building and success of a new website on your campus.
-Must be 18 years of age or older.
-Have knowledge of the University and it’s student base (location, demographics, popular events, student organizations, etc.)
-Must have a Skype account and the ability to video conference.


-Flexibility. Unlike other jobs, working for Zabyte allows you to create your own schedule. You don’t have specific, set hours. You pick when you want to complete your tasks and objectives as long as you get them done on time and done well.
-Autonomy. This is another important culture trait of Zabyte. Once you’ve been trained, you’ll have the skill set to be successful. It will then be up to you to decide how to best complete your tasks.
-Enter on the ground floor. You have the opportunity to be responsible for building Zabyte into a successful website on your campus. Being successful with Zabyte will lead to potential growth opportunities within and outside of Zabyte for your professional career that are almost limitless.

How To Apply:

Interested in Working for Zabyte?

Email your resume/cover letter to Steve Rupp at

*Creative Writers will begin working in mid-August.

Additional Details:

Location State Salary Deadline
Near Campus None Base Pay of $250/month None

Contact Info:




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