Social Media Specialist - Frequency

? Partner in regularly scheduled chats/calls with editor(s) of Frequency channels to promote featured content on social media networks, blogs, and web influencer sites
? Partner with editor(s) to develop content that will be easily promotable and can drive new audience segments;
? Develop and maintain calendars for social content.
• * Establish and execute a measurement strategy for social media through analytics and KPIs.
? Drive category awareness for people looking to watch online video and compel people to discover content through Frequency.
? Drive publisher awareness amongst video bloggers, You Tubers, Vimeo users, local publishers that their audiences can now discover their content on Frequency.
? Find new ways to use social media sites to create organic traffic, including creating a network effect of cross promotion.
? Promote Frequency value prop and content on Twitter, Facebook, My Space, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Yahoo, Google Buzz, and other social sharing sites within their terms of service.


> 2 years Undergraduate in Marketing, Advertising, Communications or related field.
>2+ years Social Media and Online Marketing/Copywriting experience communicating funny, interesting, inviting, compelling, insightful, imaginative and intelligent written material
> Deeply conversant on social media networks today, with established persona, followers/following, and clarity about different audiences and permissions.

How To Apply:

> Provide resume and cover letter to

> Provide social media profiles where we can discover your online brand

> Visit our site, use our product and tell us what you are passionate about that will make you successful at Frequency

Additional Details:

Location State Salary Duration Schedule Deadline
Virtual Any $10 with bonus for performance indicators Indefinite Full Time None

Contact Info:


Web site:

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