Degree Requirements

Degree requirements for the class of 2016 are currently under review. Check back in February 2014 for the most up to date information.

Requirements for the Master of Journalism Degree

The Master of Journalism (M.J.) degree at Berkeley requires the completion of at least 36 semester units of coursework and the submission of a satisfactory Master’s project. A minimum of 24 units must be earned from coursework in the Graduate School of Journalism. All students are expected to graduate in four consecutive semesters.

Total units needed to graduate: 36

Required Courses

6 units Journalism 200 Reporting the News (first semester)
3 units Journalism 211 Reporting the News Lab (first semester)
1 unit Journalism 209 Multimedia Bootcamp (first semester)
3 units Journalism 215 Introduction to Multimedia (first semester)
1 unit Journalism 219 Numeracy (first semester)
2 units Journalism 298 Public Records (first semester)
4 units Journalism 282 Introduction to Television (first semester)*
3 units Journalism 217 Introduction to Visual Journalism (first semester)*
5 units Journalism 283 Reporting for Television (second semester)**
3 units Journalism 223 Advanced Visual Journalism (second semester)**
3 units Journalism 255 Ethics, Law and Public Purpose
2 units Journalism 297 Reporting Internship (300 supervised hours)
2 units Journalism 294 Master's Project Seminar (1 unit in 3rd semester; 1 unit in 4th semester)

* Student must take either J282 Introduction to Television or J217 Introduction to Visual Journalism in their first semester.

**Student must take either J283 Reporting for Television or J223 Advanced Visual Journalism in their second semester.

Additional Requirements

1. One advanced reporting course is required for each semester after the first semester.

2. Two units from the J297 Reporting Internship can count toward the 36 units requirement. Therefore, 34 of 36 units required for the M.J. degree must be from coursework.

3. Submission of an approved Master’s project with all valid approvals is required by the announced deadline.

4. 12 units per semester are required for all Berkeley graduate students.

5. All courses must be taken at Berkeley; credit from other institutions is not transferable.

6. Students may take up to four units of J601 Master’s Study each semester without approval. Approval is required for more than four units J601 Master’s Study in a semester. J601 Master’s Study units cannot be counted towards the 36 total units requirement.

7. Submission of all required Graduate Division paperwork is required by the announced deadline.

8. All required classes must be taken for a letter grade except for the J297 Reporting Internship. Only one third of total UC master’s credits can be S grades.

9. Up to 12 of the required 36 units for the M.J. degree can be from other departments at Berkeley. Graduate level courses (numbered 200-299) and upper division undergraduate courses (numbered 100-199) are acceptable.

10. Concurrent degree students may have additional or modified requirements and should confirm requirements with a student affairs officer.


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