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GlobalPost is an online international news agency based in Boston, recently recognized by the NY Times, WSJ and NPR, among other news announcements.

Our Study Abroad Page (http://www.globalpost.com/home/study-abroad) features the writing, photography, video and audio of student foreign correspondents, and we’ve been gaining traffic steadily. If you would like to become involved with GlobalPost, we have two types of roles open:

1. Students studying abroad this spring and/or summer who would like to write (and/or shoot, film, record) for our Student Correspondent Corps (SCC):
Our SCC trains the next generation of foreign correspondents. We are looking for student writers, photographers, videographers and other recorders of newsworthy stories, composed while studying abroad. You will submit well-researched and attributed stories, and insightful reflections/anecdotes for publication on our site, www.globalpost.com/home/study-abroad. (Some stories make it to the home page, as well.) You must be unafraid to walk up to strangers and ask questions, follow-up, and deliver on deadline a well-composed and interesting tale. We want dedicated, creative and strong writers who can work cooperatively with editors to bring our readers the best news web experience.

2. Students interns in our Boston office this spring or summer:
The internship requires eight to 16 hours each week in the Boston office to work on the Study Abroad website and with our student writers. Duties include: editing student work, compiling stories, uploading content online, updating our Facebook page -- http://www.facebook.com/pages/GlobalPost-Study-Abroad/140467098599?ref=ts -- and assisting with the organization and marketing of the Study Abroad SCC project. We seek interns who are reliable, hardworking, flexible, open-minded, creative and interested in journalism/media communications.

How To Apply:

For Boston intern applicants, email your resume and a brief (600-800 words max) statement about your interest in journalism, and, observations or suggestions you have about our Study Abroad page to student@globalpost.com with the subject line “INTERN APPLICANT.”

If you are interested in joining GlobalPost’s SCC while abroad, please email a resume, a very brief (600-800 words) statement saying what you’d like to write about abroad (this is also your chance to show off some writing skill), and the dates of your travel to student@globalpost.com with the subject line “SCC APPLICANT.”

Additional Details:

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