Susan Rasky

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Susan Rasky was the congressional correspondent for The New York Times. A winner of a George Polk Award for National Reporting, she began her career in Washington, D.C., covering economic policy for the Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. and later reported for Reuters from Capitol Hill and the White House. Rasky was a columnist and contributing editor for the California Journal as well as a frequent political commentator for the Los Angeles Times, The Sacramento Bee and NPR. She established and supervises the J-School’s California News Service, which gives students experience covering government and politics for news organizations throughout the country. She joined the faculty in 1991. Rasky received her bachelor’s degree in history from the University of California at Berkeley and holds a master’s degree in economic history from the London School of Economics.

Published Stories & Highlights:

Covering the Economy: Tips for Journalists and Economists
Nieman Watchdog

J-School Senior Lecturer Susan Rasky and Economics Professor Brad DeLong team up in the Nieman Watchdog with commentaries on how to write better economic stories. Among their tips: Report on government the same way you'd report to your siblings about the rental agent who handles your mother's Florida condo.

How Green Is The Governor?
Capitol Weekly

Sacramento Bureau reporters Claudia Lauer and Shelly Meron (Class of 2007) look at environmental politics in Capitol Weekly. Lauer finds environmentalists worried about Governor Schwarzenegger's upcoming picks for a powerful state water agency. Meron asks gubernatorial campaigns to put environmental plans on the record. Guess who's not talking.

Fact Checking the Bush Resume
The Presidential Reporting Project

A satiric résumé of President George W. Bush has been making appearances in the blogosphere and the email accounts of just about every US voter with a friend fond of forward-spam. Entertaining as it is, the resume begged to be fact checked, and students in Susan Rasky's The Presidential Reporting Project class took on the task.

Federal Campaign Finance Reform Legislation
Los Angeles Times

For Los Angeles Times, Professor Susan Rasky writes about federal campaign finance reform legislation.

State Net Articles
State Net

Professor Susan Rasky writes on California politics regularly for
State Net. State Net articles by Rasky have been catalogued at archive.org.

On the Reelection of Gray Davis
Los Angeles Times

For Los Angeles Times, Professor Susan Rasky writes about how the recall election of Gov. Gray Davis is likely to produce a classic campaign based on issues and political parties rather than personalities.

California's Political Theater, Complete With Strings
Washington Post

For the Washington Post, Professor Susan Rasky writes about how the California recall is great fun for political reporters, but is ultimately no more than cartoon populism, manipulated by political consultants.

Dispute Over SF Chronicle/Examiner Sale
American Journalism Review

For American Journalism Review, Professor Susan Rasky writes about the political and personal feuds behind the disputed SF Chronicle/Examiner sale.