Paul Grabowicz

Senior Lecturer and Bloomberg Chair in Journalism


Paul Grabowicz is Senior Lecturer and Bloomberg Journalism Chair and directs the New Media Program at the Graduate School of Journalism. He teaches classes in introductory and advanced multimedia reporting, designing and developing online news packages, web skills and researching public records.

A professional journalist for more than 25 years, he spent most of his career as the investigative reporter at The Oakland Tribune. He also served as night city editor and acting city editor and developed an early prototype of a website for the paper in 1996 (it was rejected). He is co-author of "California Inc.," a book about how the entrepreneurial spirit shaped the politics, culture and economy of California, and has written extensively about issues in online journalism and digital technology.

In 1995 he started setting up the New Media Program at the Graduate School of Journalism. He pioneered teaching classes in new media topics ranging from entrepreneurial journalism and business models for online news in 1999 and blogging by journalists in 2002, to mobile reporting in 2004 and journalism video games in 2006.


California, Inc.

co-authored by Joel Kotkin

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